Focusing on sustainability and innovation, Tire technology exhibition 2024 is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best services ever. Held on March 19, 20, and 21, 2024 Deutsche Messe show in Hannover, Germany In addition to an outstanding line-up of exhibitors, conference topics and speakers, the event will include a variety of accredited short courses, the official Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence, and ample opportunities for peer-to-peer networking. Register for your free fast-track exhibition admission pass here.

The industry's premier technology showcase, the free-to-attend trade show features all the latest technology on display. Complete product coverage with equipment and materials from over 240 specialized suppliers. Spectrum of tire manufacturing processes.

Exhibitor highlights include the latest recycled materials, testing and inspection systems, high-speed imaging solutions, green tire technology, carbon black, RFID, tracking and identification labels, and in-line quality measurement systems.

For example, Bekaert will introduce a recycled content steel standard that goes beyond simply integrating recycled materials. We focus on controlled mixing and physical separation of materials to achieve high traceability and integrity, and have established strict standards for recycled content claims on steel wire products.

Uster Technologies will be showcasing the Uster Q-Bar 2, an inspection system designed to ensure complete process control, improve first quality and minimize waste in tire cord weaving. By accurately automating defect detection, the system accurately identifies a variety of defects, including subtle defects such as oil stains and transparent lubricants, and enables real-time defect detection and documentation.

Xsensor shows how its high-speed (HS) tire system is revolutionizing tire design and testing by providing accurate contact pressure data essential to understanding tire behavior at high speeds. I'll explain what it brings. Using high-speed sensors, the system provides reliable data even on tracks in varying conditions, allowing detailed visualization of tires and capturing tread details at speeds of over 450Hz and up to 150km/h. Masu.

MAE Industria Gomma (MIG) will demonstrate its expertise in bladder production at the 2024 Tire Technology Expo, following its success at the 2023 Tire Technology Expo. The company offers various forms of cooperation, including supplying bladders from existing product lines, creating new bladders based on customer specifications, and manufacturing bladders using customer-supplied molds.

Sick's high-speed 3D camera Ruler3000 will be on display. It is equipped with his 3R laser and is designed to ensure accurate measurement of dark rubber at full production speed. Combined with Sick Nova software, it allows for rapid configuration and communication of results via a web browser. The software supports a variety of vision applications with a comprehensive set of image processing tools, making the camera suitable for tasks such as tire uniformity, splice detection, and DOT code reading.

The 2023 Awards debuted a number of new categories. This will enable the award to recognize and recognize even more deserving recipients. These categories will remain in place for his 2024 awards. The complete shortlist is available here.

Bringing together key players in the industry, the Tire Technology Expo conference consists of three days of presentations, discussions and networking on the latest developments in tire manufacturing. sustainability and global Tire business.

The conference will be attended by more than 180 expert speakers from leading companies and institutions such as Michelin, Apollo Tires, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, GDSO, Kumho Tires, Jaguar Land Rover, the University of Twente, and will also be joined by the European Commission. .

Featured speakers include Li Yanguo from Compounds and Materials Research at Linglong Tire Co., Ltd.; Guy Heywood, Vice President of Hankook Tire Europe. Mohammad Beluge, Senior Vehicle Dynamist, GM. Mr. Tetsuya Maekura, Materials Planning Manager, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Mr. Jan Prins, his leader, Wheel and Tire Development and Modeling Technology Group, JLR. Daria Blodge, European Commission Scientific Research Project Manager.

With new topics and streams announced for 2024, this conference will deliver more insights than ever before. In addition to regular content, speakers will cover AI applications in tire R&D and manufacturing, intelligent connected tires, sensors and data acquisition, sustainable tire manufacturing, Circular economy and TRWP mitigation.this year There The simulation includes over 40 presentations. Modeling, Testing, and Development Only – View presentation highlights here.

short course
Three short courses will be held simultaneously with the exhibition and conference.

University of Akron Tire Mechanics is a 4-day short course held on March 18, 19, 20, and 21, 2024. It starts the day before the exhibition opens and provides engineers and scientists with a thorough and intensive study of tire mechanics. The latest developments surrounding tire engineering. Fundamental and practical aspects of pneumatic tire mechanics will be presented by internationally renowned tire mechanics experts, and those who complete the course will receive a certificate from the University of Akron.

The three-day short course on Tire Modeling and its Applications in Tire and Vehicle Development (March 18-20) will be hosted by GM's Mohammad Behroozi, who will be a co-speaker. This course covers computer modeling of tires throughout vehicle systems and is aimed at engineers and researchers working in industry or academia. This subject is of primary interest to vehicle dynamics engineers, where tires are the main element that generates forces and moments on a vehicle. It is also useful for an engineering manager who wants to understand the existing tire modeling activity and its challenges or who wants to successfully implement a new tire simulation process in the workplace.

Tenth The Tire Reinforcement Materials, Applications, and Fatigue Testing 1-Day Crash Course (March 18) will help you understand the use of materials and structures for rubber reinforcement in tires. This course is aimed at tire reinforcement engineers in the design and materials testing departments of tire manufacturers and their reinforcement suppliers.

For a complete exhibitor list, conference program and short course schedule, visit and register for a free exhibition admission can read Tire Technology International Check out the full show preview here.

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