• ABB has signed a contract to deliver shore connectivity equipment that will enable DEME's diverse fleet to avoid emissions when docking at the Dutch port of Vlissingen.
  • The partnership strengthens ABB's leading global position as a supplier of plug-and-play shore power systems for ships.
  • ABB’s land connectivity technology supports DEME’s long-term decarbonization strategy and provides the flexibility needed to adapt to changing grid capacity

ABB has been awarded the contract to provide complete shore connectivity for the DEME base in Vlissingen, Netherlands. Shore connectivity allows a diverse fleet of dredgers, offshore construction vessels and support vessels to avoid carbon emissions by shutting down their engines and utilizing shore power while at anchor. DEME is headquartered in Belgium and is a leading contractor in the fields of marine energy, environmental remediation, dredging and marine infrastructure.

DEME has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gases emitted by its ships by 40 percent by 2030 compared to 2008, which is in line with the revised emission reduction targets set by the International Maritime Organization for 2023. significantly exceeds. ABB has announced that it will be properly equipped by the end of 2024 as part of the Temporary Shore Power Subsidy Scheme for Marine Vessels 2022-2023, a government-backed initiative to encourage the construction and use of shore power facilities in Dutch ports. A ship called at the DEME base in Vlissingen. .

Providing a key route for shipowners to make tangible progress towards decarbonisation, connecting to shore electricity for energy needs while at anchor will become a European option from 2030 under the FuelEU Maritime Regulation. It will become mandatory at major EU ports listed in the transport network.

“This project is part of DEME's broader strategy to integrate sustainable business objectives with daily operations,” said Marc De Boom, division manager at DEME Base Vlissingen. “Does DEME have high ambitions when it comes to CO? We are proud to be the first Belgian marine contractor to achieve the highest levels of CO?2 Performance widely used in the Netherlands and Belgium Rudder. We are pleased to be working with ABB, an experienced and trusted technology leader with a strong track record in land connectivity equipment.”

The DEME contract, awarded through a private tender process, provides a strong example of how ABB works with local interests to ensure its solutions are flexible in achieving decarbonization milestones. I am. Ultimately planned as a 2MvA converter, ABB's shore connection will operate at a lower 1.75MvA until the local power grid can provide sufficient capacity between the substation and the dock power outlet. For simple installations, the entire solution is housed in two ISO containers: one 40-foot unit and one 20-foot unit.

Frank van Delden, Account Manager at ABB Marine & Ports, said: “We are delighted to have secured this important land connectivity contract and are working with DEME to support their ambitious efforts towards ocean decarbonisation. I’m looking forward to what we can do.” “Given the diversity of the DEME fleet, this is an important reference for our shore power technology and shows that almost all types of vessels can avoid emissions by connecting to shore power at the quay.”

Establishing itself as a market-leading supplier of shipside shore connectivity solutions, ABB delivered the world's first shore power system to the Swedish port of Gothenburg in 2000 and the first shipside installation in 2001. . ABB land connections can now be installed in standardized pre-installed installations. -Assembled base for integration with all onboard power consumers.

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