AeroCloud unveiled enhancements and advances across its airport management technology at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Frankfurt.

The technology company, which describes itself as a “global operating system for airports,” said it has added new modules to its cloud-based tools to improve billing and passenger service.

The Frankfurt announcements include a passenger tracking product called AeroCloud Optic, which was first launched last March. The system is said to be the first to use CCTV and AI to enable airports to manage passenger flow and experience.

The technology company is also expanding into physical infrastructure with a new type of self-service passenger terminal. His two products, a self-service bag drop (SSBD) and a self-service check-in (CUSS) kiosk, work with AeroCloud's Common Use Passenger Processing System Manager (CUPPS) to manage passenger and in-flight operations. Sync.

On the software side, AeroCloud Billing is a new module introduced to the company's existing AI-assisted airport management system (iAM). According to AeroCloud, “This automates and streamlines airport billing for airport services including bridge usage, refueling, hangar storage, and more.”

said George Richardson, co-founder and CEO of AeroCloud. “Traditional technology just doesn't cut it anymore, which is why AeroCloud continues to be the fastest growing platform of its kind.”

“We support the fastest growing airports around the world through lower cost of ownership, faster deployment, and world-class customer service. It's in our DNA. Our I am extremely proud of the new innovations our team has delivered to support the 360-degree experiences that are benefiting our customers around the world.”

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“Currently, not all customers utilize all platform modules, but we are able to scale with our customers' needs and meet growing demand,” he added.

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