Beilinson Hospital has successfully completed a pilot program that utilized iCAD's artificial intelligence technology to review more than 15,000 mammography scans, the hospital announced Monday.

This technology could identify previously undetected tumors and significantly improve diagnostic capabilities, allowing earlier diagnosis of breast cancer in women over 40 and potentially saving lives.

This technology can also help develop informed screening plans for people at risk of developing breast cancer.

Adding to its list of features, the technology has the ability to assess a patient's risk level of developing a cancerous tumor in the next two years by scanning dense tissue.

Where can the technology be used?

Since piloting was completed earlier this year, the system has been deployed across the Clalit medical services network, including mammography machines in hospitals and clinics across the country. iCAD's program has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Breast cancer illustration. (Credit: envato)

“Early detection and intervention remain the two most effective treatments for breast cancer. That's why we continue to provide women and those at risk of developing cancer with regular six-monthly “We always encourage women to get one mammogram,” said Beilinson's head of mammography. Dr. Ahuba Grubstein of the Department. “By supporting radiologists with better tools such as artificial intelligence, we can make scans more reliable, detect more cases early, and save lives.”

Since the pilot program began, the technology has been employed to assist radiologists in more than 15,000 scans at Beilinson.

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