Ink Innovation (Ink), a travel technology provider, has won the 2024 Airport Technology Excellence Awards in the Innovation and Product Launch categories for its development of a Disaster Recovery System (DRS) that can reduce the impact of large-scale system failures. It is aimed at airport use and the launch of a Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) with a novel business model.

The Airport Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the industry's greatest achievements and innovations. The program provides a platform to recognize the people and businesses driving change and is powered by GlobalData's business intelligence.

Streamline airport operations with Ink CUPPS

Certified in December 2023, the Ink CUPPS platform will make general use more affordable for airports and the airlines that pay for their use. The platform allows workstations and peripherals to be shared across multiple airlines, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware and leading to significant savings in both operational costs and IT maintenance. Backward compatibility makes it easy to authenticate airlines with legacy systems, while the open architecture ensures smooth integration with all his CUPPS-compliant airline applications.

Additionally, the Ink CUPPS platform allows operators to convert specific parts of their terminals rather than overhauling the entire desk or terminal. Its flexible pricing model is one of the platform's distinguishing features, as Ink offers a subscription-based model that benefits airports looking to minimize capital expenditures.

Ink's innovative disaster recovery system is a safety net for airline operations

In the aviation industry, system outages can be catastrophic and disrupt entire airport operations. Recognizing this critical vulnerability, Ink Innovation developed the Disaster Recovery System (DRS). The system received an Innovation Award for its ability to reduce the impact of large-scale system failures.

Recognizing that airlines are highly sensitive to flight disruptions, Ink DRS provides a strong backup to the primary Departure Control System (DCS). Ink DRS is designed to function independently to help airlines continue operating with minimal disruption in the event of a DCS failure, catastrophic host failure, communications failure, or even power outage. Masu.

Ink DRS is available in three configurations: cold, warm, and hot backup, each offering different levels of integration and data synchronization to suit different operational requirements. The system's mobile redundancy makes it unique, maintaining schedule integrity after the first integration, handling passenger and baggage, passenger service system (PSS), load control, and scheduling. This allows for seamless integration with the system.

Ink offers a wide range of passenger-facing solutions within the Ink ecosystem through cloud-based infrastructure that complements CUPPS. Airlines can easily obtain a turnkey DCS with functionality that goes beyond basic check-in and boarding. This includes processes such as changing tickets, paying for ancillary services, and verifying documents. For airports with unstable operational environments, Ink's disaster recovery system backs up the primary DCS to ensure business continuity and prevent data loss.

Cloud-based infrastructure allows for easy integration, ensuring compatibility with any DCS within just four weeks. With an intuitive user interface, the system promises virtually zero training costs.

Proven Effectiveness: Ink DRS at JFK Terminal 1

Ink DRS was tested at JFK Airport's Terminal 1, and the trial was conducted in partnership with the JFK Terminal 1 Group Association (TOGA). During a major redevelopment program at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport Terminal 1, the need for a reliable backup system became apparent. This trial demonstrated that Ink DRS can provide a fast, stable, and efficient alternative to manual processes during system failures.

The success of this trial was marked by the efficient handling of passengers and baggage, even during peak hours, with impressive processing times and minimal training required for agents. This trial confirmed that Ink DRS has the potential to significantly reduce congestion and improve on-time performance at one of the world's busiest airports.

Janet Richards, Chief Commercial Officer at Ink Innovation, was delighted to receive the award. “Winning the Airport Technology Excellence Award for our disaster recovery system innovation and newly approved CUPPS platform is a testament to the advancement of airport technology. It highlights how dedicated we are to our work.'' It's great to see our hard work recognized. ”

Company Profile

Ink Innovation is a travel technology provider. The first departure management systems were designed to compete with paper-based processes. Since then, Ink has developed a variety of web-based cloud integration systems for the aviation industry. The company's solutions include biometric authentication, mobile and cloud systems, and self-service devices that help airports, airlines, and ground handlers improve their operations.

Ink is known for integrating traditional solutions with new digital systems, providing innovative alternatives for airports and airlines seeking more choice. Their goal is to help businesses connect journeys and ultimately create better travel experiences.

Headquartered in Spain, Ink operates around the world in partnership with clients such as Copenhagen Airport, JFK Terminal 1, Jet2, TUI, BermudAir, Marabu, Lift, Menzies Aviation and Saber. Ink is ISO 27001 certified and is an IATA Strategic Partner and his ACI Partner.

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