Alexis Sobel Fitts promoted to technology editor, enterprise and research

Announcement from Business Editor Lori Montgomery:

Alex Sobel Fitts, who has coached some of our most ambitious companies, has been promoted to technology editor in the Enterprise and Research division, and will focus on global efforts to regulate technology and the impact of generative artificial intelligence. Oversees coverage of various corporate developments, including the growth of Espionage, the influence of disinformation on national politics, and the rise and fall of Silicon Valley's most influential power brokers.

Since joining the Post in 2021 as deputy technology policy editor, Alexis has created investigative stories that expose the political and cultural influence of the technology industry and its key players, and has led the way in enhancing coverage. He has displayed immense talent. She spearheaded some of our most ambitious projects, including her 2021 coverage of her Facebook documents and her 2022 exclusive report on Twitter whistleblower “Madge,” with reporters across the staff We've helped you grow your best ideas from timely profiles. The political transformation of crypto adversaries Molly White and Peter Thiel. Alexis has guided our coverage of AI, producing revelatory articles about its real-world impact alongside articles exploring the inner workings of AI. Late last year, amid the drama at OpenAI's board meeting, she profiled Sam Altman's rise to power in Silicon Valley with a scoop revealing that Altman had previously been fired from a super-high-profile job. It was reported along with the article. Most recently, she teamed up with Liza Dwoskin to take a deep look at how Bill Ackman, a liberal Democrat, emerged as the unexpected leader of her DEI abolitionist movement.

Before joining the Post, Alexis served as deputy editor at Jezebel, where she led the website's daily news and investigative reporting. She previously served as a senior editor at Wired, editing feature articles and essays and running the magazine's Ideas for Her section. She has been covering technology since 2013, when she was a senior writer at Columbia Journalism Review, where she developed articles that examine how tech giants influence media and the spread of information. I did. In that role, she authored many visionary pieces, including an early profile of Tony Hale, founder of Chartbeat, an industry-changing analytics platform.

Raised in Philadelphia, Alexis holds a master's degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Yale University. She lives in Washington with her husband Daniel, who is a journalist. their son, Raphel; and their dog Louis Potato.

Alexis will work with Tech Editor for Corporate & Personal Technology Yunhee Kim, who oversees the other half of the technology team, to deliver fresh, urgent and illuminating information about industries important to both the Post's news mission and future growth. We plan to deliver the latest news. . Please join me in congratulating Alexis on her new role.

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