This year's Apple Watch Series 10 could offer a significant improvement in battery life. Apple Watch Series 10 will feature new display technology that reduces power consumption and improves efficiency, according to a new supply chain report this week. This can potentially improve battery life overall.

The origin of the rumor The Elecreports that the Apple Watch Series 10 will use an upgraded OLED display with low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology.

Currently, the Apple Watch's OLED screen uses LTPO TFTs for only two switching transistors, with the rest using less efficient low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) technology. For Apple Watch Series 10, The Elec We report that the use of LTPO will be expanded to more transistors.

The LTPO TFT, which Apple plans to apply to the Apple Watch 10 series OLED, is a method in which oxide is applied to the driving TFT and some switching TFTs among seven to eight TFTs. The LTPO TFT applied to Apple Watch used oxide for only two switching TFTs, and used LTPS for the remaining switching TFTs and driving TFTs.

Using oxide instead of LTPS for the driving TFT means that the oxide is responsible for the TFT that connects directly to the OLED pixel. Oxides have been used in LTPO OLEDs to reduce leakage current, but the role of oxides is increasing in newer LTPO OLEDs. Panel vendors with strengths in oxide technology may have an advantage.

If oxide is applied to some of the driving TFTs and switching TFTs in the Apple Watch 10 series OLED, as Apple plans, LTPS will only be used for the remaining switching TFTs and circuitry outside the pixel area. The role of LTPS is reduced.

There are many long names and abbreviations. What does that actually mean? The OLED display on Apple Watch Series 10 is significantly more power efficient and drains less battery life. That's the important part of this story for most people.

9to5Mac's opinion

While I'm pretty happy with the battery life on the Apple Watch Ultra, there's always room for improvement in Apple Watch battery life in general.

Battery life is also the main reason I wear the Apple Watch Ultra. If other Apple Watch models had better battery life, I'd at least consider going back to a model that's a bit smaller and lighter.

It remains to be seen whether Apple Watch Series 10 will actually improve battery life. Efficiency gains brought about by new display technologies may simply be offset by other performance changes.

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