Here are stories featuring some of the applications of 3D technology that once seemed futuristic.

The idea of ​​3D technology is very interesting, combining something that seems futuristic and “sci-fi” for lack of a better word, with something that is very essential to our lives. In a vacuum, it is clear that everything related to visualization in our lives should be three-dimensional, but this is easier said than done. At least, that's how it was for a long time. Technology in this field is advancing rapidly, and what once seemed the pinnacle of futurism is becoming almost commonplace.

Today we bring you three stories from our friends in the industry that illustrate how futuristic 3D technology is transforming the industry and the world around us more broadly. Let's start with the world of underground public works. This is an area where maps are severely lacking, but one that companies are looking to fix. Next, let's move on to the concept of the “metaverse.” Although its definition and scope have changed, it remains a goal. Finally, let's take a look at how digital twins are being put into practice to support sustainable manufacturing.

Image via xyHt

map what's underneath it

Gavin Schrock, xyHt

Underground utilities are extremely important to daily life around the world, but most of us don't really know what exactly is happening beneath our feet. The problem is that many utility owners also don't have a clear picture due to poor record-keeping in the past. Reveal is one of his companies trying to solve this problem, and in this article Schrock investigates a platform for using his 3D mapping to get clearer images of the subsurface. . This article explores the software's capabilities and includes insights from the company's founder and CEO, Sam Wiffen.

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Image via WGIC

Geospatial keys to unlocking the full potential of the metaverse


In this article, we look back at one of the most interesting sessions of Geo Week 2024, a panel put together by WGIC, and consider the role of the geospatial industry in the metaverse. The session entitled Geospatial: Where the Metaverse becomes reality; There were five speakers from companies including Oracle, RIEGL, TomTom, and Esri, as well as representatives from the World Geospatial Council. This article highlights several topics that were discussed throughout the session, including the role of AI and the importance of interoperability.

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Image via Energyworld

The rise of digital twins for sustainable manufacturing

Rahul Khare, Energy World

“Metaverse” is an aspect of 3D technology that most people commonly hear about, but it's actually the one that promises to unify this virtually connected world, at least from a business and practicality perspective. is a digital twin. It is also a work that is already being exploited, as outlined in this work. There are several industries that are already leveraging digital twin technology, such as manufacturing. Here, Khare describes some of the ways in which digital twins are being successfully leveraged, particularly around the idea of ​​sustainability.

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