Carlos Barreto, CIO of Petrobras, said: “We are excited by the early results of automation with Gen AI, which has saved us tens of millions of dollars in just a few weeks.” “We are proactively working with Automation Anywhere's intelligent automation platform to identify new opportunities to improve workflows across the business, increasing productivity, achieving significant cost savings, and improving business performance. We are improving.”

Petrobras to deploy Gen AI in other business units

After achieving initial results with AI, the company plans to leverage Automation Anywhere's intelligent automation solutions to bring generative AI to other key business sectors this year. Petrobras continues to explore implementing other Gen AI models to accelerate departmental management processes such as human resources functions, other tax processes, procurement processes, and finance functions, and expects to save more than USD 1 billion annually. I'm here.

The company plans to use the savings to support its transition to sustainable forms of energy over the next few years, and has a strategy to develop renewable energies such as wind and solar.

“Petrobras is a great example of a company using automation and AI to reimagine its business at every level,” said Adi Kuraganti, CPO at Automation Anywhere. “Many companies are just beginning to realize how quickly and significantly they can realize significant savings through automation powered by generative AI. We're excited to be able to deliver significant cost savings and enhance our company's capabilities through improved speed and accuracy.'' AI allows employees to focus on higher-value work. ”


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