automotiveMastermind, the automotive industry's trusted data and technology provider, has integrated its Mastermind technology with Tekion, the innovator of Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC), the first and fastest cloud-native retail SaaS platform.

This integration allows Tekion's customer data to be automatically shared with Mastermind, enhancing Mastermind's ability to predict purchasing behavior and drive engagement within its marketplace.

Additionally, through Tekion's APC platform, dealers and their approved business partners, such as OEMs and distributors, will have access to real-time Mastermind and Tekion cloud data. This connectivity facilitates data sharing and business-critical activities faster and easier than ever before.

“Mastermind's latest integration synchronizes customer information from Tekion to provide more powerful predictive and real-time insights that dealers can use to drive sales,” said Aaron Baldwin, Chief Product Officer, AutomotiveMastermind. says. “As we continue to integrate Mastermind with high-profile industry leaders like his Tekion, we will be able to offer our dealer partners even greater capabilities and leverage the full power of their technology. .”

Additionally, tHis new integration adds the following features to the Mastermind platform:

  • Improved automatic data synchronization: This feature increases efficiency by synchronizing sales, service reservation, and inventory data from your dealer management system (DMS) into one space. It also improves retention rates by allowing dealers to focus on tasks that have a critical impact on their business rather than manually submitting files.
  • Improving capabilities from service to sales: This enables real-time service arrival notifications and reservation emails, notifying dealers when a loyalty customer or service-to-sales prospect visits a service drive.
  • Enhanced data security: Secure API connectivity increases dealers' ability to protect and store sensitive customer data shared between Mastermind and Automotive Retail Cloud.

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About Automotive Mastermind

AutomotiveMastermind®, part of S&P Global Mobility, was founded in 2012 and is the automotive industry's trusted data and technology provider, driving value through actionable intelligence and personalized experiences. The company's proprietary Mastermind solution harnesses the power of predictive analytics to enable retailers to connect with buyers and provide a superior buying experience. Through a combination of behavioral predictive analytics, targeted marketing efforts, and expert consulting, Mastermind seamlessly blends data and intelligence with personalized insights to help dealers and their OEMs realize automotive retail sales. I'll make it. Automotive Mastermind is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit

About Tekion

Tekion is aggressively disrupting an industry that hasn't seen disruption in over 50 years, delivering the first and fastest cloud services, including the innovative Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) for retailers and Automotive Enterprise Cloud (AEC) for manufacturers. We have challenged the paradigm with our native automotive platform. and other leading automotive companies and the Automotive Partner Cloud (APC) for technology and industry partners. Tekion connects all areas of the automotive retail ecosystem through one seamless platform. This innovative platform uses cutting-edge technology, big data, machine learning, and AI to seamlessly connect OEMs, retailers/dealers, and consumers. Tekion delivers the best automotive retail experience ever with highly configurable integrations and superior customer engagement features. Founded in Silicon Valley, Tekion employs more than 2,500 innovators worldwide. For more information, please visit

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