China has beaten Russia to lead the world in developing, testing, and deploying hypersonic weapons, but the United States has yet to deploy a single one, despite already spending $12 billion on it. This weapon can move at five times the speed of sound, making it difficult at best to intercept it by existing defense systems. Jeffrey McCormick, a senior U.S. defense intelligence analyst, told Congress on Tuesday that China will “dramatically advance the development of conventional and nuclear weapons technologies and capabilities through intensive and focused investments” in Beijing's 20 He said that thanks to years of efforts, the country now possesses one of the world's most advanced “hypersonic weapons.” Develop, test, and deploy. ”

roller coaster It never stops. Just yesterday, I wrote about how investors are licking their tongues (not savers, mind you) at the prospect of lower interest rates by the summer and all the good news it brings to Wall Street. Well, today is a new day and the data is throwing new curves into the market. Underlying U.S. inflation in February was stronger than expected, with prices for used cars, air travel and clothing soaring. The so-called core consumer price index, which excludes food and energy costs, rose 0.4% from January. Other than the upcoming release of the producer price index, this will be the last major inflation report before next week's Federal Reserve meeting. The central bank was already expected to maintain policy this month, but today's data means the window for rate cuts could be extended further. Nevertheless, many investors saw a “hot print” coming and thought the situation could get even worse. This is market wrap.

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