Southborough, Massachusetts, April 3, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brainwave Sciences, a leader in brain computer interface (BCI) technology and hidden information detection, is pleased to announce significant advances in iCognative.® Technology with the launch of new iCognative® web application. This innovation represents a major advance and sets a new benchmark in the fields of security, investigation, and truth-verification technology.

Under the leadership of CEO Krishna Ika, Brainwave Sciences has pioneered the use of P-300 and biometric systems to provide unparalleled accuracy in detecting deception and identifying future intentions and plans. . iCognative® Web applications built on this cutting-edge technology enable field investigators and law enforcement to perform these functions more intuitively and efficiently than ever before, without the need for extensive training or specialized equipment. You can now access it.

iCognative Key Advancements and Features® technology:

  • Comprehensive real case dataset: Icognitive®’s enhanced capabilities are supported by a vast repository of real-life scenarios meticulously compiled through global partnerships with top law enforcement agencies, providing unprecedented insight into human behavior and deception. provide insight.

  • Cutting edge analysis technology: iCognative is committed to remaining at the forefront of scientific advancement.® continuously integrates the latest discoveries from neuroscience and deep learning into its analytical framework, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

  • Fast results with instant analysis: iCognative addresses the pressing needs of modern investigative processes® Achieve rapid real-time analysis, streamline the discovery process, and reduce overall time investment. Trained on a huge in-house dataset, this model delivers SOTA performance.

  • Pure data quality: iCognative utilizes a proprietary EEG headset and state-of-the-art artifact removal technology to® It ensures pure data quality and enables clear and accurate subject assessment even in the most complex scenarios.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of the subject's physiological status: iCognative® This technology analyzes various physiological states such as alertness and sleepiness in real time, providing a detailed understanding of the subject's state during the assessment.

  • Autonomous system: iCognative Redefining the Investigator Role® Provide users with autonomous pattern recognition and AI-driven test control, reducing reliance on human oversight.

  • Beyond traditional methods: iCognative goes beyond traditional methods® is dedicated to identifying new biomarkers for more effective deception and assessment of target conditions, unlocking new dimensions of truth verification beyond traditional approaches.

  • Investigator AI Assistant: Integration with iCognative® On the platform, the AI ​​assistant leverages state-of-the-art large-scale language models (LLMs) to guide investigators through the complexities of the platform, improving user experience and efficiency.

  • Cloud-based scalability and performance: Moving to cloud-based infrastructure ensures iCognative®Strictly adhere to data security and privacy standards while maintaining scalability and performance.

  • Data security: Brainwave Science has an unwavering commitment to protecting confidential information.®'s architecture exemplifies the highest standards of security, ensuring maximum confidentiality throughout every interaction.

“At Brainwave Science, our mission is to provide truth-seekers with the most advanced tools and technology available,” said CEO Krishna Ika. “The latest advances in iCognative® Our technology, particularly with the introduction of web applications, is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in supporting global security and investigative operations. ”

iCognative® Web application and iCognative enhancements® Technology represents the future of investigative technology, offering solutions beyond traditional methods to more effectively combat fraud, deception, and security threats. For more information about iCognative,® For more information about Technology and Brainwave Science, Inc., please visit

About Brainwave Science, Inc.: Brainwave Science is at the forefront of security and investigation, pushing hidden information detection to new heights. Known for its innovative iCognative technology, the company is a beacon in national security, homeland security, intelligence, and law enforcement, delivering critical solutions for detecting hidden truths. Their commitment is to provide tools that promise accuracy and reliability, essential to maintaining the integrity and security of societies and nations around the world.

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