Asilomar, Calif.–(Business Wire)– bruker corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR), a leading provider of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) systems, today announced a new We announced magnet technology and analytical solutions. Analytical Technology (PAT).

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Ascend Evo 600 NMR magnet with 1 year liquid helium retention time (Photo: Business Wire)

Ascend Evo 600 NMR magnet with 1 year liquid helium retention time (Photo: Business Wire)

at age 65th ENC (, Mr. Bruker introduces as follows: Ascend Evo 600is a new compact 54 mm standard bore 14.1 Tesla (600 MHz) NMR magnet with a liquid helium retention time of 1 year, more than doubling the refill interval.of Ascend EvoTM 600 is the latest addition to evo The magnet series includes compact 1 GHz, 900 MHz, 500 MHz, and 400 MHz magnets operating at 4.2 K and featuring advanced superconducting magnet coils and cryogenic Ascend Evo 600 Compared to previous 600 MHz magnets, the magnets are easier to install, have lower installation and operating costs, and consume less helium.

Importantly, it features an unprecedented one-year helium retention time that is more than twice as long, making it easier to deploy in the lab, reducing maintenance, and further improving sustainability.with Ascend Evo In the series, Bruker will make NMR more accessible to researchers in a variety of fields, from clinical metabolic research to the biopharmaceutical industry, enabling advanced characterization of biologics and new drug modalities.

Additionally, Bruker expands its applications. Fourier 80 The platform is a benchtop 80 MHz Fourier transform NMR with high performance permanent magnets that requires no cryogen or electrical power.of Fourier 80 can now be integrated with Shin TQTM PAT management software synchronizes sensors and other analytical techniques such as IR or Raman spectroscopy for multiple integrated data streams, providing more comprehensive process analysis and quality control.of Fourier PAT This solution reduces tedious calibration and enhances (bio)process control by providing rich structural information, selectivity, and direct quantification in the laboratory and manufacturing site.

of Fourier PAT This solution can be implemented for distributed manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). here, Fourier 80 The system collects reaction data for AI machine learning and formulates rules and actions that guide process optimization.

Philip Robin, Founder and CEO of Alysophil commented: Combining the PAT module with his AI agent in the API manufacturing unit enhances the benefits associated with flow chemistry, including increased safety, reduced environmental footprint, and improved economics. ”

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