CalWave, a California-based wave energy technology developer, has been selected as the technology provider for a wave energy project in Mowachahat/Mouchalahat First Nation (MMFN) and Yuquot, British Columbia (BC).

Diagram (Courtesy of Yuquot Microgrid Project)

This Indigenous-led project is supported by funding from TD Bank Group and Natural Resources Canada's Clean Energy in Rural and Remote Communities Program and involves collaboration with a consortium of partners across Canada.

  • Pacific Ocean Energy Discovery Institute (PRIMED)
  • Berkeley Project Group
  • Canpac Marine Service
  • environmental dynamics

Currently, MMFN is focused on reclaiming land, rebuilding communities, and harnessing the strong waves of the North Pacific to support new microgrids, aiming for energy self-sufficiency.

In the MMFN project, “first” Wave energy for microgrids in coastal communities could set a precedent for similar efforts across the Pacific coast of North America and around the world. The project is in the feasibility and design stage and is intended to gather information to help MMFN decide whether to proceed with full project implementation.

“The village was a trading hub and a place of great wealth sought by European visitors.” Said Azar KamranCEO of MMFN. “Going forward, we want to re-establish Yuquot as a center in terms of community building and setting an example of innovation in clean energy development.”

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