CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Clemson announced a partnership with ID scanning company Intellicheck to crack down on fake IDs.

Several bars in the Clemson area have mobile apps on your phone.

According to law enforcement, 13% of the IDs tested at Clemson since the IntelliCheck testing program began earlier this year were found to be fake.

Officials say the 12-month pilot program will allow bars, convenience stores and liquor stores to scan and verify the validity of IDs to stop underage drinking.

“These fakes are so real that you can't tell they're fake just by looking at them, making it quick and easy and taking the guesswork out of it,” said Brian Lewis, CEO of Intellicheck. said. “They have all the holograms and all the security features. They know what's in each state's barcode with hidden security features, so they can judge by that.”

Tiger Town Tavern was one of the early adopters.

“I walk up to the door, hand the door clerk my iPad with the app installed, and say, 'Okay, let's go.' When I say '21 and over,' people fall out of line. They're like, 'Oh, they're using scanners,'” said Cameron Farish, co-owner of Tiger Town Tavern.

The app is user-friendly and gives bar owners peace of mind.

“Once downloaded and provisioned, you can run the app on any device, including tablets and smartphones, turning your camera into a scanner,” Lewis explained. “Scan the back of your ID and you'll know in less than a second if it's authentic.”

Since using Intellicheck, bar owners said their business has flourished.

“As the semester progresses, we see fewer and fewer rejections, and we see that it's working. At the beginning of the semester, the beginning of the school year, everyone gets a new fake ID, and after a while we give them a voice. Once you start applying it, you know the system works,” Farish said.

Chris Fuller, owner of Ruth's Change Bar and Grill, said, “The doormen are happier and the lines are shorter because fewer people are trying to use fake IDs. “Customers who are older can now come in and enjoy themselves.” .

Lewis said Intellicheck is in the process of expanding its resources to several other cities, college towns and vacation destinations.

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