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Comcast Business provides high-performance Ethernet and Internet solutions to NJ TRANSIT to support the public transit system and enhance the advanced technology services it provides to passengers throughout New Jersey and parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Masu.

“Comcast Business provides our customers with the reliable connectivity and technology backbone they need to drive innovation,” said Michael Louden, Regional Vice President, Freedom Region, Comcast. “As NJ TRANSIT continues to enhance its operations through advanced technology solutions, we will work together as partners to make that plan a reality for passengers across the state and region.”

NJ TRANSIT is the nation's largest statewide public transportation system and the nation's third largest provider of bus, rail, and light rail transportation by ridership, serving approximately 240 million passenger trips annually. approximately 1 million passengers per day. Under the strategic direction of its technology team, NJ TRANSIT foresaw the need to strengthen its network infrastructure. This led to NJ TRANSIT partnering with Comcast Business. This decision is based on the company's proactive commitment to ensuring high service reliability and innovation for passengers. Now, Comcast Business is expanding its support to help transit agencies execute on their forward-looking visions.

“As NJ TRANSIT's Chief Technology Officer, I have always prioritized innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency and customer experience,” said Bilal Khan, Infrastructure Chief Technology Officer, NJ TRANSIT. . “Providing high-performance Ethernet and Internet solutions is a testament to our commitment to leveraging advanced technology. This project will help strengthen our network and support our commitment to revolutionizing public transportation.” It aligns perfectly with our forward-looking vision.”

Transportation providers have recognized the need for increased connectivity and redundancy as single points of failure can impact operations. We also needed a networking system that would provide high-quality communications and improve the rider experience. Sufficient bandwidth to support a variety of communication methods, including network-dependent voice communication systems, public WiFi, and digital displays and signage to communicate departure times between operators, other essential staff, and customers. is essential.

“Looking to the future, we are excited about the future of public transportation. This project is just the beginning. We are committed to continuing to improve the commuting experience and operational excellence of NJ TRANSIT. We are committed to exploring new technological frontiers,” continued Mr. Khan.

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