March 25, 2024 –This year marks a significant milestone for CoreHW as we bring advanced real-time location system (RTLS) technology to the market. After years of development and testing across a global customer base, this innovative product includes CoreTags and CoreLocator to track assets and people. In partnership with Unikie, CoreHW has integrated Unikie RTLS core software designed to calculate accurate, real-time location of CoreTags. This integration provides the APIs and software required for RTLS system setup and lifetime management.

This RTLS technology promises great benefits, including unprecedented accuracy of 10cm (3.94 inches), robust security features, flexibility and ease of installation. It enables deployment in a variety of architectures, including cloud-based, hybrid, and on-premises setups.

CHW-LOC4000 Core Locator

The CHW-LOC4000 CoreLocator is a state-of-the-art locator product designed to accurately track assets and personnel. This is CoreHW's innovative design that leverages advanced patented antenna and Angle of Arrival (AoA) technology. Provides accurate 3D positioning capabilities even in the most difficult environments. This compact, lightweight, versatile device features multiple connectivity options for data and power and can support hundreds of active tags within a tracking environment.

CHW-TAG4001 and CHW-TAG4002 for talent tracking

CHW-TAG4001 and CHW-TAG4002 are advanced CoreTag products with patented antenna and IC technology designed to accurately track individuals. These devices are known for their exceptional accuracy, excellent battery life of up to 10 years, versatility, and adaptability for both indoor and outdoor applications. These tags are especially useful in healthcare and hospitality settings, providing reliable location data for staff and guests. This ensures safety, efficiency and operational excellence across these areas.

CHW-TAG4000 for asset tracking

CHW-TAG4000 CoreTag is specially tailored for asset and object tracking. Patented antenna and IC technology and long battery life ensure accurate positioning even in difficult environments. This tag is a reliable solution for tracking valuable assets and ensuring their security and availability in both outdoor and indoor applications.

Unikie RTLS Core SW

Unikie's RTLS core software includes efficient AoA positioning algorithms, tag and locator management APIs, security features, and over-the-air firmware update and configuration capabilities. The software provides RTLS system vendors with a high-level API to access real-time tag location, system management, setup and calibration functions, and integrates BLE technology into existing or new RTLS systems, or for precise real-time integration. Make it easy to integrate with other enterprise solutions you need. -Tag time data.

About CoreHW

CoreHW is a pioneer in the design and supply of IC and RTLS technology and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in asset and talent tracking. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with industry leaders, CoreHW is committed to providing complete RTLS solutions that provide unparalleled accuracy, capacity, and efficiency in indoor location systems.

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About Unikey

Unikie is a software engineering and innovation company that infuses intelligence into machines, vehicles, and industrial solutions. We help our clients become industry leaders and ensure success in the evolving digital environment of tomorrow.

Unikie is the world's leading provider of BLE-based RTLS software, working with leading semiconductor, AoA antenna solution providers, and RTLS solution providers.

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