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Dallas' Stored Love Field will be one of the first airports in the nation to utilize new technology designed to reduce near misses.

The announcement comes on the heels of fog at Washington, D.C.'s Reagan National Airport earlier this week.

This breakthrough technology will be used for airplane takeoff and landing. This is a safety initiative introduced by the Federal Aviation Administration. In fact, one of the planes involved in the close call at Reagan National was preparing to land, and the other was taxiing for takeoff. This was a case of human error, as one air traffic controller could be heard telling a departing plane to go ahead, and another air traffic controller could be heard clearing another plane to land.

The two planes were about to collide within seconds. There were no injuries and there was no major impact on airport operations.

“If people don't understand the seriousness of the safety situation we're in today, something tragic will happen,” said Dan, a former airline pilot and author of the aviation thriller “Mayday.”・Mr. Stratman says.

This new technology is believed to help reduce that possibility.

“COVID-19 has devastated the airline industry and led to a large number of redundancies.Of course, those who left were the most experienced, and since then the industry has been scrambling to recover by hiring. “It's happening,” he said.

The technology will also be tested at airports in nearby Austin, Nashville and Indianapolis.

“We are committed to doing everything possible to make our runways even safer. This cost-effective technology allows controllers to monitor and monitor aircraft across the airfield under all weather conditions. This will allow for timely and accurate depictions of vehicles,” FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said in a release.

“It's like having another set of eyes over your shoulder. If a collision occurs, it automatically triggers some warnings,” Stratman said. The solution is to hire more people for the job and increase their experience level to avoid being understaffed. ”

The new technology will be installed at Love Field by July of this year, and will be rolled out to other airports by summer 2025.

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