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March 12, 2024 – Curiosity. solution. Innovation propels you into the future. Today's most successful pioneers defy convention. Santa Fe College (SF) develops forward-thinking people who can lead the future through specialized degree and certificate programs.

For example, SF's Information Systems Technology bachelor's program, which includes courses in programming, networking, and cybersecurity, expands your curiosity, satisfies your desire to tackle complex problems, and rewards persistence.

The big advantage of this program is that you don't have to be an expert to participate. For example, Olivia Jones, an information technology student at the University of San Francisco, never received any training until she entered college.

“I took a class called 'Internet for Office Professionals,' and that really sparked my interest in IT,” Jones said. “Coding is basically like another language, and it's spoken all over the world. So if you get a job in an IT-related field, there's always a job wherever you go.”

Jones also appreciated Santa Fe College's small class sizes and the individual attention given by instructors.

“And if you don't understand something, they'll step in and say, 'Hey, let me help you,'” Jones said. They will encourage you and keep you going. If they need you to push you up that hill, they will make sure you reach the top. ”

From the IT desk to the president's desk, our information technology programs provide a framework for more than technical mastery. More than abundance. Sense of fulfillment.

For more information, visit sfcollege.edu/ite.

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