Awarded by Mike DeCesaris consulting magazine For outstanding customer service.

consulting magazine has named Mike DeCesaris to its 2024 list of consulting leaders in technology. Mr. DeCesaris joins a select group of consultants recognized for excellence in customer service. Individuals in this category demonstrate an innovative approach to client support and relationship building, increasing client satisfaction and contributing to overall success.

“Mike is a pioneer in applying data science techniques to economic consulting,” said Yesim Richardson, president of Cornerstone Research. “Ten years ago, he founded our Data Science Center to deliver powerful, secure big data solutions to our clients’ complex litigation challenges. We have built a strong team and continually expanded the portfolio of analytical services we offer. In addition to being a seasoned data scientist himself, Mike also promotes innovation, trust, and agility to quickly adapt to emerging technologies. By doing so, we model a collegial and collaborative mindset.”

Mike is a pioneer in applying data science techniques to economic consulting. He has significantly grown the Data Science Center over the past 10 years, building a great team, delivering an extensive portfolio of analytical services, and modeling a collaborative and innovative mindset.

—Yesim Richardson

“I am proud of the tight-knit Data Science Center team we have built at Cornerstone Research,” said DeCesaris. “Being named a Consulting Leader in Technology is so important to me because it goes far beyond me. This honor recognizes the collective industry-leading accomplishments of Data Science Center professionals. It also highlights what is possible with teamwork, which is at the core of Cornerstone Research's values ​​and special culture.”

Mike DeCesaris founded and directs Cornerstone Research's Data Science Center. He also co-leads the firm's Technology, Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence practice. Mr. DeCesaris plays a leading role in his research efforts at Cornerstone related to artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI (GenAI), and large-scale language models (LLM). With more than 25 years of consulting experience, Mr. DeCesaris focuses on complex, data-intensive demonstration projects at the intersection of economics, law, technology, and data science.

Being named a consulting leader in the technology field is very important because it is about so much more than me. This honor recognizes the collective industry-leading achievements of Data Science Center professionals.

—Mike DeCesaris

Recognizing the importance of this area to business operations and success, consulting magazine’s Consulting Leaders in Technology Award showcases “consultants in the industry who are not only setting standards, but also advancing the frontiers in the application of technology for business success.”

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