Innovative Hi-C-like technologies show increased sensitivity to detect structural variants and chromatin topology features in cancer

boston, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dovetail Genomics today announces the debut of its LinkPrep™ NGS technology, demonstrating its potential. de novo Detection of structural mutations and chromatin topology features in cancer. Through an innovative chromatin conformation approach, LinkPrep™ technology provides increased sensitivity in detecting translocations and intrachromosomal rearrangements compared to traditional methods, while also identifying his SNVs/InDels within a single assay. . Unlike traditional Hi-C methods, LinkPrep technology offers a streamlined process that generates sequence-ready libraries from the first sample in one shift. These findings show that AACR annual meeting, April 5th to 10thin San Diego, California

This will improve the discovery and annotation of new factors and mechanisms of cancer.

“Currently, many clinically relevant cancer driver mutations cannot be detected by traditional methods, including NGS. Chromatin conformation approaches have unique features that make them a powerful solution to address this gap. ,” he said. matthew easterday, PhD, JD, CEO of Cantata Bio. “Due to its high sensitivity, uniform coverage, and rapid workflow, LinkPrep™ chemistry is the best solution for detecting these mutations. This will improve the discovery and annotation of novel drivers and mechanisms of cancer. Ultimately, it helps optimize treatment decisions” and informs the care and management of cancer patients. ”

LinkPrep technology captures genetic variation within the context of a 3D genome, enabling simultaneous analysis of genetic and epigenetic data. Thus, it provides a holistic perspective of genetics, epigenetics, and chromatin structure, revolutionizing our understanding of how gene regulatory networks interact during cancer progression. Additionally, this new technology captures chromosome-scale haplotype linkage, enabling applications such as copy number variation through allelic analysis, haplotype analysis of mutation co-occurrence, and karyotype reconstruction in the context of cancer genomes. LinkPrep™ technology is fully compatible with off-the-shelf or user-defined hybrid capture panels and offers improved sensitivity over whole-genome approaches.

Currently in late-stage validation, Dovetail Genomics is actively seeking strategic partnerships to conduct further studies demonstrating clinical utility in specific cancer indications.

More information about LinkPrep technology will be shared in a poster.

Poster Title: LinkPrep™: A rapid, high-resolution proximity ligation method for detecting structural variants and chromatin topology features in cancer.
Poster number: LB287/3
Location: Section 53, Committee 3
Date Time: April 9th, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
author: corey padilla, Jonathan Torchia, Juan Daniel, Mittal Bhakta, Lisa Manding

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