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The award will be presented on March 13th at the 29th annual MURTEC in Las Vegas.

CHICAGO, March 7, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EnsembleIQ's Hospitality Technology (HT) Today, we announce the winners of the 2024 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award and the 2024 Rising Star in Restaurant Technology Award. The 2024 awards program is sponsored by WWT Digital, a digital experience consultancy specializing in improving the guest and employee experience.

Now in its eighth year, the Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards program reimagines restaurant processes and operations, demonstrating excellence in leadership, ingenuity and skill, and recognizes excellence from both restaurants and technology suppliers. Recognize women.

“The Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards program celebrates the achievements of women across a variety of career levels and roles,” said Robert Firpo-Cappiello, Editor-in-Chief of Hospitality Technology. “We celebrate the contributions that groundbreaking leaders and innovative thinkers make to our industry. Our greatest hope is that the Top Women and Rising Star Awards will help advance the next generation of restaurant technology. It is about inspiring professionals to dream big and aim high.”

“At WWT Digital, we recognize the valuable contributions of women in shaping the future of technology, especially in the dynamic context of the restaurant industry. By celebrating women and their achievements in technology, we encourage diversity and inclusion. Not only celebrate, but inspire future generations. “To celebrate the remarkable achievements of women who continue to drive innovation, drive progress, and transform the way hospitality technology is experienced, Hospitality Technology’s Restaurant Technology Division We are honored to sponsor the Top Women Award,” said Katie Kane. WWT Digital, Executive Director of Digital Programs.

Winners will be recognized in the following categories:

Lifetime achievements: This award recognizes women who have influenced the foodservice technology industry as well as their colleagues and peers through their passion, leadership, and dedication, while also demonstrating that technology can offer new ways of doing things for more than 15 years. I am.


  • Jody Boyce, Teriyaki Madness Chief Marketing Officer

  • Mary Jane Riva, Pizza Factory CEO

Innovator: This award recognizes the implementation of tools and strategies to transform the foodservice technology field in a positive way by creating or introducing emerging technologies that rethink the way things are done, while paving the way for future technologies. Awarded to a forward-thinking woman.


  • Tammy K. Billings, New Biz, SignalFlare.ai; CSO, Devour.io; Founder of Industry Bias

  • Brooke Heinzmann, Director of Product Marketing, Olo

  • Mary Young Mapes, Tock Senior Director of Hospitality & Customer Support

  • Stephanie Nardini, Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems Senior Vice President of IT, 2017 Rising Stars

  • Shelley Rupel, Devour CEO

A rising star in restaurant technology

Starting this year, the Rising Star in Restaurant Technology award is open to individuals who have worked in the restaurant technology industry for five years or less. The honor is given to individuals who are reimagining the way work is done in restaurants while demonstrating outstanding leadership, ingenuity and skill.

“WWT Digital is committed to fostering innovation and supporting emerging talent in the restaurant technology space. That's why we're excited to sponsor the Rising Stars in Restaurant Technology Awards. I am. We believe in empowering and nurturing young talent who bring fresh perspectives, creativity and ingenuity that continue to move restaurant technology forward,” Cain added.

The winners of the Rising Star in Restaurant Technology Awards are:

  • KC Fox, DoorDash Senior Director and General Manager, Digital Ordering (SMB)

  • Kira Hattenbach, Director of PixelPoint, PAR Technology

  • Jen McQuown, Project Manager, Dine Brands Global, Inc.

“In recognizing the rising stars of restaurant technology, we honor not only their remarkable accomplishments, but also their limitless potential to shape the future of our industry. These three honorees are early in their careers. They have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, ingenuity and skill in recent years, and as we celebrate their accomplishments today, we envision the tremendous impact they will continue to make as leaders of tomorrow.'' said.

Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award Winners and Rising Stars in Restaurant Technology were selected by Hospitality Technology and its members. Research advisory committee. Winners will be featured in Hospitality Technology and featured in their digital profiles throughout the spring. www.hospitalitytech.com/topwomen24 and www.hospitalitytech.com/risingstars24. The winners will be recognized during the awards program at the 29th Annual General Meeting on March 13th. martech (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference), March 11-13 at The Paris in Las Vegas. To register to participate, click here.

Nominations for the 2025 awards will open in November.

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