Amadeus has partnered with Expedia Group to bring New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology to the global online travel agency.

Having worked with Expedia Group for nearly 20 years, this multi-year agreement accelerates the industry's evolution towards modern, enhanced retail, and positions the travel ecosystem to grow the industry and improve the traveler experience. It reinforces Amadeus' commitment to helping deliver value that supports both.

Through our partnership with Amadeus, we aim to enable all stakeholders to make the most of the possibilities that NDC offers.

NDC allows airlines to easily build and tailor offers using the latest merchandising technology, delivering offers in a way that enriches and improves the shopping experience for travel retailers like Expedia Group and their customers. can be presented and distributed efficiently.

Chris Hodges, Vice President of Global Connectivity and Partner Solutions at Expedia, commented: “Renewing our partnership with Amadeus and integrating Amadeus’ aggregated NDC content into our connectivity portfolio represents an important step forward in our collaboration. This move further underscores our commitment to offering travelers the widest choice and personalized experience.”

“Amadeus is determined to enable all stakeholders to take full advantage of the potential that NDC can offer, and bringing one of our largest online travel agency partners on board will further this By building relationships with both airlines and travel retailers, we are in a strong position to foster cross-industry collaboration on NDC to the benefit of travelers everywhere.” said Sam Abdu, executive vice president of Global Sales Airline IT, Distribution and Global Online Travel. Agency, Amadeus.

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