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Lowell, Massachusetts and Weston, Florida, March 20, 2024–(Business Wire)–UKGSenske Services, a leading provider of human resources, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for everyone, today announced that Senske Services, a field service provider with dozens of locations across multiple U.S. states, has announced that Senske Services, a leading provider of human resources, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for everyone, has We announced that we are creating a great workplace. frontline workers Deepen your connection with your organization with AI-powered UKG technology.

Senske is a 75-year-old lawn, tree and pest control company. The majority of the company's employees work in the field, collectively serving hundreds of customers across four states, and rarely set foot in an office. This means it's important that your employees have access to technology that supports and engages them, no matter where they plan to work.

“Our employees are constantly on the move taking care of our customers, so it's important that we take care of them by providing meaningful ways to stay connected to the business, and that's exactly what we do. That one” UKG Pro Maria Goes, Vice President of Human Resources at Senske Services, said: “From the moment you first connect, through recruitment and onboarding, we empower our people and provide convenient services to help make Senske a great place to work.”Payslip, You can access important information such as timecards from anywhere, track shift arrivals and departures, and request time off through your mobile device. ”

In an industry known for high turnover, it's important to have the right technology in place to attract and retain talent. Senske says Pro not only makes it easier for managers to find and hire the right talent, but also builds ongoing relationships with them throughout the hiring process and beyond to support a great workplace experience. He says it makes it easier to maintain communication.

“for Currently recruiting“We rely solely on UKGs that work perfectly,” says Goes. “We use Pro to communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, send offer letters, conduct background checks, and then easily move candidates to their next job.” Onboarding, which is much better than other onboarding solutions on the market. This has saved us a lot of time as we hire hundreds of employees each year. ”

Senske creates engagement and learning opportunities for frontline staff through the UKG Pro mobile app, both once they join the company and throughout their career, while providing access to unique services that help employees look after themselves and their families. I will do my best to

“UKG helps support our employees' personal and professional needs by giving them access to tools such as: UKG Walleta financial wellness platform that provides them with On-demand payments and access to earned wages“That way they can make the soundest financial decisions,” Goes said. “They also complete safety training and have access to a variety of services.” Learning on demand We don't have to schedule a meeting, we don't have to schedule a time for them to come to the office, we can access it from their mobile phone. This increases overall retention and engagement, and allows us to interact with our employees anytime, anywhere, in a way we couldn't before UKG. ”

In addition to the recent Innovation The introduction to the Pro suite, including the introduction of UKG Bryte, an AI-powered sidekick that leverages GenAI to provide guidance and insights to employees and managers, is another big differentiator for Senske . Support and service Receive from UKG.

“We selected UKG not only because they offered the right products to meet our current and future needs as a growing organization, but also because of their commitment to service and partnership,” said Goes. “We pride ourselves on having dedicated experts available when you need them; UKG Community To connect and network with other customers. UKG really delivered lifelong partner promise. “

“Frontline workers are critical to our workforce and economy, so it’s more important than ever that we design technology with their unique needs in mind,” said Chief Product and Technology Officer, UKG. says Hugo Sarrazin. “As a human-centric suite, UKG Pro promotes employee well-being as organizations increasingly strive to optimize connections with deskless workers. Senske Services is committed to putting people first. Not only is it good for business, it has proven to be the key to building a healthy and prosperous society. A great place to work.”

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