(press release) Los Angeles, California — Gemist is now licensing its proven, data-backed technology to the jewelry industry. With this new B2B model, Gemist partners with brands and retailers to deliver an interactive omnichannel user experience that bridges the gap between online and in-store sales channels, while targeting today's modern demographics and This results in higher engagement, consumer loyalty, and conversion rates.

Originally conceived in 2020, Gemist was born as a direct-to-consumer customizable jewelry platform inspired by the frustration Cereal Founder and CEO Madeline Fraser experienced first-hand when creating her own custom engagement ring. did.

Gemist licenses proven technology solutions to the jewelry industry

Madeline Fraser

While rapidly growing as a direct-to-consumer brand, she realized they had something even bigger and industry-defining on their hands. Through extensive user testing with jewelry customers, Gemist's technology has shown results such as 5x engagement, 2x consumer loyalty, 3x average order value, and 4x faster sales cycles compared to industry standards. We achieved amazing results.

It was clear to Fraser that Gemist could have the greatest impact if shared with the jewelery industry. As Fraser likes to say, “the timing was right.” World Online He said the jewelry industry has nearly doubled in years, and the jewelry industry has experienced major changes since COVID-19. This is primarily due to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers recognizing the importance of diversifying their sales channels to enable future growth and adopting an omnichannel approach to their existing business models.

“The problem is, adapting to new business models that include both in-store and online touchpoints is not easy. Gemist is helping the jewelry industry diversify its sales channels, grow, and operate more efficiently. We are solving this problem with a verticalized software solution that enables


Gemist's technology is fully white-labeled and can be integrated into any brand or retailer's existing online or in-store model. Maintaining the integrity of the brand and faithfully portraying each piece of jewelry is extremely important to Fraser and the Gemist team. “The world would work better if each of us could focus solely on our own superpowers,” Fraser says. “My goal is to support brands and retailers through technology (my superpower) so they can spend more time focusing on their jewellery: their jewellery.”

Each Gemist solution is built to be combined and customized according to partners' needs, and is fully integrated into existing sites for a seamless shopping experience.

Gemist's product highlights include:

  • Customization: “Design your own” jewelry experience
  • Stone Marketplace: Selected Live Inventory of Loose Diamonds and Gemstones
  • stack: Visualization of multiple parts on a model
  • try: You can see and touch the replica pieces at home or in a store before purchasing.
  • Full stack: Consolidate all your Gemist experiences into one optimized platform

Available both online and/or in-store experience (responsive on desktop, mobile, and tablet).

All Gemist solutions can also include jewelry rendering to each partner's specifications, leveraging advanced rendering technology to achieve hyper-realistic results and ensure the perfect representation of your jewelry.

The big advantage here for brands and retailers is Gemist’s “no stock” philosophy, which allows them to create collections and scale with renderings. As a result, finished goods inventory is virtually no longer needed.


Backed by some of the world's leading investors and jewelry experts, as well as supplier members of the Gemological Association of America, Gemist sells products from innovative retailers like Greenwich St. Jewelers and Mednikov to designers like Melissa Joy Manning and Barrio Neal. We cooperate with all kinds of companies. a bit. As with jewelry, Gemist recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all technology solution for all businesses, and provides services tailored to individual businesses.

To explore Gemist's products, visit here and to schedule a demo, contact hello@gemist.io.

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