Globalsat Group powers IoT services with Myriota SatCom technology

Written by Clarence Oxford

Los Angeles, CA (SPX) March 11, 2024

Globalsat Group, a leading mobile and satellite services provider, has entered into a partnership with Myriota, a pioneer in satellite IoT communications, in a strategic move to strengthen its IoT services. The partnership aims to deploy Miliota's global data messaging services, known for their long-term asset tracking and telemetry efficiencies across a variety of sectors including agriculture, transportation/logistics, utilities, mining, and environmental monitoring. is.

Since its founding in 1999, Globalsat Group has been instrumental in providing critical satellite voice, data, M2M/IoT, software, and hardware solutions throughout the Americas. Its services are essential in scenarios where traditional connections fail or in extreme situations where reliable communication is required.

Through the newly formed partnership, Globalsat Group will expand its reach and enhance the connectivity solutions available to enterprises and governments by integrating Miliota's services and hardware into its products in all regions in which it operates. It turns out.

Globalsat CEO J. Alberto Palacios expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the importance of Myriota's IoT solutions in emerging markets and their potential to drive operational efficiency and safety. He also emphasized the importance of Miliota's security capabilities and their relevance in an era where digital security is paramount.

Miliota will further strengthen the partnership and grant Globalsat early access to hardware kits for internal testing and strategy development, ensuring the innovative IoT solution is effectively deployed in 2024.

Ben Cade, CEO of Myriota, expressed his excitement to work with Globalsat to fill a critical technology gap in the market. He pointed out the benefits of Miliota's technology, including global coverage, extended battery life, advanced security measures, and cost-effectiveness, all of which will revolutionize IoT applications in key industries. .

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