The past few years have been quite tiring.

Victoria Rees, MBA
Top Keynotes How CEOs Make an Impact with Technology

Still I'm optimistic

Because the world offers us the opportunity to make an impact with technology.

the world needs you again

During the pandemic, you created a wave of digital technology that keeps the world running

and now The unstable world needs you again

Recession, economic uncertainty and inflation

New survey data shows that Economics is the board's main focus area

That's tough, yes

But it also creates new opportunities for CEOs and entrepreneurs to make an impact with technology.

3x growth rate

CEOs have placed less emphasis on growth in recent years, according to a global survey

In other words, the growth curve is going down, but digital leadership can bring it back up again.

According to the survey, Digital leaders expect 3x growth

strategic means

Strategic use of technology can help achieve this growthbut in another way,

Because employees, customers, and investors Sustainable growth requires technology

Technology for sustainable growth

Sustainable growth is more than just a performance

A series of digital investments that deliver reproducible financial results in an efficient and responsible manner

Influence and assume leadership from the CEO

That's why I have strategic technology trends and digital transformation best practices.

As a strategic measure, we need to create technologies for sustainable growth

First, invest in and impact current technology.

Second, drive digital transformation

Put the two together and you have the technology for sustainable growth

take action and make decisions

Even if the world is feeling a little unstable right now, you can't opt ​​out

We still need to take action and make decisions.

There are various technology trends you can invest in and best practices for leadership in digital transformation.

Technology cannot exist without CEO leadership.

Choose the technology that matches your company's ambitions and risk appetite

But now You are the driver of digital transformation

you are the ultimate strategic lever

You are the one providing the technology for sustainable growth

Please make a reservation As a keynote speaker and Strengthen your knowledge About technology trends and digital transformation

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