“Investment in green technology by UK businesses is expected to increase over time, and the role of AI in helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals is expected to increase.

“One of the most interesting elements of the research was how an organization's sustainability efforts and qualifications can help attract and retain top talent. ” Sustainability is important to many people and leaders need to consider this. ”

Donal's comments reflect UK businesses' commitment to sustainability, with HPE research showing that around four in five IT decision makers say sustainability is a current priority for their organization. found. In addition to this, 84% feel proud of their company's green IT efforts.

Does investing in green technology equate to meaningful sustainability?

Investing in green technology is part of the growth of a circular economy, as it allows companies to scale sustainable practices beyond their individual goals. Thanks to the data provided by some green technology groups, waste reduction and resource sharing will be facilitated, resulting in reuse and recycling among commercial partners and the larger community.

Sustainability priorities also have a direct impact on individual businesses. According to data from HPE and Auxilion, 75% of IT decision makers believe sustainability is key to business growth, and a similar proportion believe in attracting and retaining talent and discrimination when selecting vendors. We believe that sustainability is important in identifying the factors that contribute to

“Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. That's how you build resilient companies,” Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel, told McKinsey, adding Advised other aspiring green companies.

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