Huasun Energy participated in the 2024 edition of PV CellTech Europe in Frankfurt.

At a conference focused on the latest n-type cell technology, European Business Development Director Christian Kams highlighted the company's high-efficiency heterojunction (HJT) products amid the dynamic growth of the global photovoltaic industry. He emphasized mass production capabilities.

One of the highlights of his presentation to attendees was that the HJT cell's innovative PN junction, along with its naturally symmetrical structure, gives the module features such as 85% bifaciality, superior energy yield, and extreme temperature coefficient. It was an explanation of how it provides many benefits. -0.24%℃.

Additionally, the integration of light conversion film (LCF) and PIB sealing in mass production not only optimizes solar utilization, but also increases the module's durability against UV and fog erosion, ensuring the company's This confirms the high efficiency and reliability of HJT modules. . The combination of HJT's innate high efficiency characteristics and advanced processes has established Huasun as a leader in the mass production of his 720W+ modules.

Since its inception in 1997, HJT cell technology has now entered the 3.0 era, where double-sided microcrystalline silicon is seamlessly integrated into mass production. In particular, Huasun's Everest G12R, Himalaya G12, and G10 series modules offer significant advantages in power and efficiency compared to traditional technology routes. Comes went on to highlight the company's commitment to green and low carbon innovation through the comprehensive use of dedicated silicon wafers for HJT, low indium materials and continued research and development of HJT perovskite tandem cells.

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