June 2nd to 8th

buy If you're in Las Vegas for the JCK Show (May 31-June 3), team up with the rest of our in-store staff for this year's buying expedition. Have your smartphone, digital camera, and laptop ready so you can feed back as much information as possible to your staff and get feedback on what you find. You can also set up a Twitter feed to show how hard you work.

marketing Send emails to remind customers of summer behind-the-scenes services (storage, appraisal updates, off-season repairs, loans, etc.). Make sure you have the necessary supplies to support such services.

technology Use the upcoming off-season to familiarize yourself with any new equipment or software you've purchased. Become a master of technology, not a slave to it.


June 9th to 15th

management As the second quarter draws to a close, it's time to determine your team's third and fourth quarter business dates, including events, staff outage periods, and initial hiring plans for the upcoming holiday season, store consultants say. says Megan Crabtree.

legal Improve your compliance. Check out the Federal Trade Commission's guide to disclosures. Go to ftc.gov and type “jewelry guides” in the search box.

operation Let's sort it out. He discards one item for every year he works at the store. That could be documents you don't read or know you don't need, items that are gathering dust, old plastic items, etc.

June 16th to 22nd

furniture Need new office furniture? Now's the time to get some. The showroom is clearing space for the new line, which will be unveiled in August.

display Father's Day (June 16th) is over. The hot season is approaching. Add “summer” colors to your product mix in your jewelry, both on your case and on your website.

safety Conduct advanced firefighting training. The exit is blocked, simulating an unconscious staff member. Criticize staff performance.


June 23rd to 29th

stock Dennis Oros of Linnea Jewelers in La Grange, Illinois, advises taking a quick look at your inventory to see if you can identify “holes in the current price lineup.” “Where can I find a $500 item or a $750 item?” $999? Are all holes filled? Did you see any new items on display or cameo appearances? Summer is busy but fun! ”

management The sun is out, the pace of work is relaxing, and it's the perfect time to host a staff appreciation event. To encourage bond-building, consider physical activities that involve an atmosphere of fear, such as paintballing or rappelling.

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