Imaginuity has appointed Matt Sommer as chief technology officer. An experienced executive and technologist, Sommer has spent 25 years in all aspects of managing and growing organizations, including driving innovation, pioneering and disseminating product vision, and leveraging data and analytics. . He is well-suited for Imaginuity's mission of combining imaginative thinking, innovative technology, and exceptional ingenuity to deliver transformative results for our clients.

“As our first chief engineer, I was looking for an executive with both the vision and experience to meet this moment,” said Taylor Currys, CEO of Imaginuity. “Artificial intelligence is getting a lot of attention, and while others were still panicking about Y2K, Matt was researching and understanding AI. Marketing technology is at a historical tipping point. , Matt is uniquely poised to not only meet that inflection point, but accelerate it further.”

Most recently, Sommer was the owner of Emergent Systems, a consulting firm that helps develop and implement applied generative AI solutions with a focus on data transformation. Previously, he was CEO and co-founder of MarketChorus, a software platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand people according to the content they consume. Built for the real estate market to drive high-affinity traffic directly to owners' properties using AI to identify events, activities, and attractions tailored to potential renters' interests in real time. We created the first advertising technology tool.

“Imaginuity has the people and technology to grow effectively and find new ways to get even more value from our data and technology platforms,” Sommer added. “If technology was playing its role in marketing, you wouldn’t even know it was there.While other government agencies are scrambling to catch up with tools like analytics and AI, we We already understand the science and are committed to creating value by skillfully applying it. We don't use tools for the sake of it, we use them to drive our business forward. I use it because I know how to do it.”

Prior to MarketChorus, Sommer was vice president of research and development and co-founder of Engenium, where he led the creation of a conceptual search engine. He is also a senior researcher at both Avalon Data Systems and Raytheon, and is an AI researcher and engineer who develops neural network-based speech and language classifiers for advanced digital signal processing applications. He was active as a.

Sommer holds ten U.S. patents for inventions in text analysis, information retrieval, sentiment analysis, document clustering, audience analysis, and advertising targeting. He holds a bachelor's degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and a master's degree in neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Imaginuity tackles every aspect of the customer journey, dedicating more than 30% of agency employees to technology roles and imagining ways to make marketing smarter through data and technology. As an all-in-one agency, clients rely on Imaginuity for strategy, creative, media, UX, brand work, and the development of their actual technology platforms, where Sommer's expert touch is felt.

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