The Indonesian government is prioritizing environmental sustainability through the establishment of the National Data Center (PDN) and the strategic use of technology in the development of the new capital, Nusantara. Nezar Patria, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information, highlighted efforts aimed at integrating renewable energy sources and optimizing internet connectivity to promote environmentally friendly operations.

Green technology at the national data center

The development of PDNs has made great strides in incorporating technologies that facilitate the use of renewable energy. PDN, located in Cikarang, West Java, is certified as a Green Data Center, a testament to this commitment. As detailed in Deputy Minister Patria's statement, this achievement is due to the use of solar panels, LED lighting, and evaporative cooling systems. This approach not only highlights the government's commitment to sustainable development, but also sets a benchmark for future technology infrastructure.

Nusantara: Smart City Model

Similarly, Nusantara City's vision includes building a smart city where daily operations are greatly enhanced by internet connectivity. The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in all public services is a strategic move aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Mr. Patria emphasized that these technological advances are consistent with the principles of Indonesia's various ethnic groups, including the Dayak ethos of fairness, reflection of heaven, and sanctity of life. This cultural integration further enriches the project and emphasizes the fusion of modernity and traditional wisdom.

Strategic industries and their impact on global CO2 reduction

According to Deputy Minister Patria, the strategic application of digital technology is not limited to PDN and Nusantara City, but also extends to key industries such as logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and construction. The goal is to leverage technology for decarbonization and potentially reduce the world's CO2 emissions by 20%. This initiative demonstrates Indonesia's proactive stance in contributing to global environmental sustainability efforts and reinforces the important role of digitalization in achieving green outcomes.

The integration of advanced technology in the development of the National Data Center and Nusantara City highlights Indonesia's commitment to sustainable development. By combining technological innovation and traditional wisdom, the country sets a precedent for future projects around the world. This initiative not only promises to improve operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, but also reflects a deep respect for our cultural heritage and paves the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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