Learning through effective training

To enable career advancement, women need access to training programs that help them move up the career ladder. “Our research shows that even women on software teams who think AI technology is important are still less likely than men to upskill in AI,” says software company Pluralsight emphasizes Dr. Cat Hicks, Vice President of Research Insights at . “While there are likely multiple reasons for this, research to date suggests that one key reason is that women do not feel supported to dedicate clear time to learning in the workplace. This may be due to a fear of harsher or unfair judgment from others.”

Lindsey Rowe, Head of Purpose Programs and Sustainability GTM at SAP UK&I, says going to university can be a valuable experience, but it's not the only path for women and girls considering a career in STEM. states that it is important to remember that. She said: “Many programs, including the newly launched apprenticeship scheme, do not require a degree, but instead offer the opportunity to gain real-world experience in different areas of the technology industry.”

Flexibility to promote work-life balance

Changes in the world are also having an impact. Introducing a work-from-home policy means employees are no longer tied to their desks and can adjust their working hours. This benefited female employees in many ways.

Fiz Yazdi, Head of UK Consulting at European consulting leader Sopra Steria, says: , along with the space and opportunities it creates for those around me. Leaders must recognize the value of each team member, distribute responsibilities, and encourage a collaborative environment. Organizations that truly understand and respond positively to the issues women face can also create environments and cultures where everyone can pursue their career dreams and thrive. ”

According to Brigette McInnis-Day, CPO at UiPath, by demonstrating a flexible culture, companies can increase the diversity of their workforce, which can lead to better business outcomes. “Providing women with greater opportunities to start and expand their careers is critical, especially in regions around the world where workforces are shrinking due to skills shortages and aging populations in areas such as AI. . We need to think and act differently.”

break the glass ceiling

International Women's Day focuses on women's achievements and celebrates those who have broken glass ceilings. Professional Pam Maynard, her CEO of her services company Avanade, recalls an experience where she didn't feel heard in meetings and didn't have the space to share ideas. “Thanks to my manager's advocacy and collaboration, I was able to carve out a space to showcase my ideas, ultimately leading me on the path to where I am today. I feel a deep commitment to shaping my character and fostering a culture of advocacy across our team.”

Eduarda Camacho, COO of information security firm CyberArk, echoed this sentiment, saying: my possibilities. But I was determined to push back against those stereotypes so that they wouldn't hinder my success. ”

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