Jonas Hospitality is pleased to announce the launch of the Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform, a full-featured suite of technology solutions that helps independent hotels, resorts, hotel brands, chains, and management companies manage operations, revenue, distribution, and marketing. think.

The Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform brings together industry-leading technologies from our brands and is connected by our proprietary integration engine, Jonas ARC. This integration allows key guest, stay, and financial data to be passed securely between systems within the Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform and third-party systems.

said Jake Lewis, president of Jonas Hospitality Property Systems. “We're excited to launch Jonas Hospitality's unified platform to help hoteliers take the compromises out of their technology purchasing decisions.”Historically, hoteliers have always had to make choices. Should you buy the top of the line or the all-in-one? Each has its pros and cons. Our platform offers the best of both worlds and bridges the gap between the best and all-in-one models. I will act as a bridge.”

Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform includes property management, POS, reservation management (CRS, IBE), spa, activities, membership, itinerary management, and marketing tools (email, SMS, website, and mobile app development). Masu. All are connected to CDP and a single guest profile is created.

“Data has always been essential for hoteliers to manage their operations and make future business decisions. Connect your data,” said Jim Rowe, senior vice president of sales, Property Systems, Jonas Hospitality. “Jonas Hospitality’s decentralized operating model means that each of our solutions runs as a separate business to maximize customer satisfaction. We are meeting the demands of the industry for an uncompromising future of technology.”

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