New York JFK Airport's new Terminal 1, scheduled to open in June 2026, has signed an airside technology agreement with ADB SAFEGATE, an exhibitor at FTE Global to be held in Los Angeles from October 28-30, 2024.

New Terminal 1 at New York John F. Kennedy Airport is a new international terminal being built in partnership with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the $19 billion renovation of JFK Airport. Signed an agreement to utilize Side 4.0 technology. SAFEGATE (Exhibiting at his FTE Global in Los Angeles, October 28-30, 2024).

The first phase of the new Terminal 1, including arrival and departure halls and the first 14 gates, is scheduled to open in June 2026.

ADB SAFEGATE has partnered with Tishman Construction Corp., the terminal's construction company, to provide the latest airside 4.0 technology, including comprehensive apron management and tower systems. The system combines 12 separate products and solutions, including Apron Management Software, Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System, Slope Service Management System, Intelligent Deployment and Road Security Lighting, and Virtual Apron Control Room, making it the most integrated Provide one of the best airport apron the united states

Simon Gundy, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of New Terminal 1, said: “These will transform international travel to New York and the US and support our ambition to rank among the top airport terminals in the world. We are pleased that our customer and stakeholder communities, and ultimately future travelers, can benefit from this technology investment through improved information sharing and decision-making, ensuring speed and efficiency. .”

The integrated solutions provided for the new Terminal 1 are part of ADB SAFEGATE's Airside 4.0 vision, which aims to deliver innovative solutions that increase the efficiency, safety and sustainability of airports around the world. .

“Our scope of work includes complete apron management systems that bring new levels of intelligence and automation to provide the most efficient and safe ramp operations in the United States and the world.” said Nick Haynes, Vice President, Americas, ADB SAFEGATE. .

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