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Lightwave Logic CEO Michael Levy joined Proactiv's Steve Darling to share the company's key developments and highlight its pioneering work in electro-optic (EO) polymers for data transmission.

First, Lebby announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for a process that enhances the stability and performance of Lightwave Logic's EO chromophore. These chromophores are a key component of the company's platform, which utilizes engineered EO polymers to transmit data at high speed and low power consumption within a compact form factor. Levy expressed confidence that the addition of this patent to the company's portfolio will further facilitate commercial licensing agreements for EO polymers, particularly with high-volume silicon foundries and 200mm silicon wafers.

Lebby emphasized that Lightwave Logic is at the forefront of developing EO polymers for data transmission, as well as organic materials used in OLED displays. These polymers enable fast switching of light, primarily benefiting data centers, telecommunications networks, and the broader Internet. The company is focused on meeting the growing demand for faster data transmission and lower energy consumption due to the rise of artificial intelligence and the resulting need for increased computing power in data centers.

In addition, Lightwave Logic recently attended the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) to showcase technology advances including record-breaking 200 Gbit/s data transmission at low voltages. The company also holds patents to protect its innovative technologies, the most recent being for the formulation of its 'Diamond I' technology.

Overall, Lightwave Logic aims to make its EO polymers as ubiquitous in displays as organic LEDs by working with a wide range of customers for licensing and use in devices. The company's strategy includes demonstrating the superiority of its technology to meet the urgent needs for network upgrades in the data center industry driven by the demand for generative artificial intelligence.

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