Zug, Switzerland / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2024 / LocaMos Global Ag and LCM Technology PTE. LTD (“LCM”) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at improving “LocaGo,” the world’s first location-based social networking application.

LocaGo offers users a wealth of exciting uses and applications aimed at improving their daily lives both virtually and physically.

what makes it so Rockago stand out

The most notable features of LocaGo are:

  • Location-based messaging: LocaGo introduces an innovative messaging feature that allows users to drop messages at a specific location instead of sending them traditionally. Recipients must actually visit the designated location and use VR on their mobile phones to view the message displayed in the space as 3D images and text.
  • location based gifts: Users can find augmented reality gifts placed in specific locations. These virtual gifts, including vouchers and coins, add an element of excitement to the user experience and require the recipient to physically visit the designated location to receive the surprise.
  • location-based notes: Share moments and memories associated with a specific location through location-based notes. Users can attach images, videos, and other content to specific spots, allowing them to revisit and rediscover memories each time they return to that location.
  • Location-based reviews: With LocaGo's location-based review system, you can say goodbye to generic keyword searches. This feature provides users with personalized recommendations and insights based on their current location, ensuring that recommendations are relevant and contextual to the user's environment.
  • Establish a local connection: LocaGo facilitates connections with nearby users, fosters a sense of community, and allows users to build meaningful relationships based on common interests and proximity.
  • in search of reward: Participate in virtual treasure hunts and LocaGo's reward system. The VR camera allows users to search for hidden items, coupons, coins, and other rewards around them.

The “why” behind it Rockago

LCM Technology created the LocaGo platform as a way to foster positive change and lasting connections in the world of social media. Realizing that social media platforms often feel disconnected from real life, LCM wanted to create a platform that positively contributes to the lifestyles and mindsets of younger generations.

LocaGo is meant to be more than a typical social media application, it's designed to help us connect with the people and places around us. LocaGo uses location technology to encourage users to engage with their surroundings and make real connections with the people nearby, rather than encouraging a “glam exterior.”

Make a great app even better

Currently, LCM is partnering with LocaMos Global Ag to further improve LocaGo. Together, they are working to create a platform that prioritizes real connections and user-friendly experiences. This collaboration promises breakthrough improvements to the LocaGo app, including user interface enhancements, operational efficiencies, and the introduction of innovative features.

Both companies are committed to working closely together to ensure LocaGo's continued success and sustainable growth in the market. This partnership highlights LCM Technology and LocaMos Global Ag's shared commitment to pioneering sophisticated user-centric technology solutions.

With the latest update to LocaGo, LCM Technology confirms that the app delivers on its core mission of facilitating community connections, seamlessly bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, and promoting sustainable development. I hope that you will.

Both LCM Technology PTE. LTD and LocaMos Global Ag are keen to take advantage of the immense potential and countless opportunities presented by this collaboration. Going forward, both companies are committed to passionately innovating and delivering unparalleled value to the growing LocaGo user community.

About LCM Technology PTE. Co., Ltd.

LCM Technology PTE. Singapore-based LTD is a software development and mobile applications company that integrates blockchain technology, AR, and VR to improve user experiences and drive industry advancement. LCM works to bridge the digital and physical worlds, fostering true connectivity and sustainable development.

About LocaMos Global Ag

LocaMos Global Ag is a Swiss-headquartered technology company specializing in cutting-edge platform software and providing digital solutions to global enterprises. With a focus on innovation and reliability, LocaMos is dedicated to providing advanced technologies essential to refining and optimizing digital experiences.

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