Medical device company Lunderg has announced early warning bed alarm technology designed to improve responsiveness, care, and safety specifically for elderly patients.

Medical device company Lunderg has announced early warning bed alarm technology designed to improve responsiveness, care, and safety specifically for elderly patients.

Landerg's bed alarm technology is unique in light of the trend toward leveraging technology to improve patient care, the growing elderly population, and the increasing need for continuous monitoring of individuals who are more susceptible to accidents such as falls. , appeared at a crucial time.

Shawn Higgins, CEO of Lunderg, said the company's bed alarm technology is a state-of-the-art under-mattress system designed to immediately alert caregivers when a patient attempts to leave the bed, chair, wheelchair, or couch. It is described as a system. The main objective of this system is to reduce the risk of falls through timely intervention. Its portable pager, sensor pad, and battery establish an early warning notification mechanism, allowing caregivers to provide immediate assistance.

The technology features a wireless, compact, pocket-sized pager that can be easily mounted on the wall and provides an audible or vibrating alert as soon as the patient begins to get out of bed. Users can adjust the volume to their preference, making the system more adaptable.

Higgins said Landag is a departure from traditional fall prevention methods, which often rely on physical restraints or passive barriers. The wireless design prioritizes patient independence and mobility, allowing patients to move freely. Eliminate the hassle of wire constraints and false alarms, and balance independence with a robust safety net.

“This solution provides a win-win solution for caregivers and patients.” Higgins says: “Caregivers appreciate the ease of use, the added safety, and the extra time they have to focus on improving their patients' daily lives. We are benefiting from this system.”

The bed alarm system is part of Lunderg's comprehensive fall protection product line, along with chair alarm systems, sensor pads, call buttons, bed rails and more. Each product is a testament to Lunderg's mission to make a real difference in people's lives and improve patient care through innovation.

For more information on Lunderg's bed alarm systems and product sets, please visit our Lunderg page.

About Lunderg

Lunderg is a leading provider of durable medical equipment, specializing in innovative solutions to improve patient care. Founded by Sean Higgins and Ignacio Navarro to improve patient safety and comfort, Lunderg's product line (fall protection products, liners and pads, mobility aids, pressure sore protection, and other patient care tools) includes: Improving healthcare service delivery and patients' daily lives.

Lunderg utilizes extensive research and customer feedback in the product development process. The company offers his 24/7 customer service, ensuring that patient support is always available and accessible, demonstrating the company's dedication to premium patient care.

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