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More than 4 million eSIMs sold, achieving new connectivity milestone

LONG ISLANDS, N.Y., April 11, 2024 (Globe Newswire) — Maaltalk, a prominent provider of travel connectivity solutions, proudly announces sales of over 4 million units. eSIM and USIM sales

Products from the past year. This achievement highlights Maaltalk's commitment to improving the travel experience through innovative technology.

Maaltalk is focused on improving global connectivity and introducing cutting-edge eSIM solutions built for the modern traveler. Maaltalk prioritizes seamless connectivity and emphasizes reliability and convenience by leveraging ultra-fast 5G data speeds.

Maaltalk offers a variety of eSIM options to meet different usage environments without compromising quality. From everyday fixed eSIMs to local regional eSIMs, users can easily access cost-effective solutions to stay connected.

As a trusted provider of local carrier networks, Maaltalk guarantees unparalleled coverage, allowing users to stay connected anytime, anywhere. The Maaltalk eSIM store serves as a convenient hub for travelers looking for reliable connectivity on the go.

Introduction Mar Talk Now Mobile App: A comprehensive eSIM solution for travelers

MaaltalkNow is designed to meet the connectivity needs of modern travelers, offering:

  • Enhanced connectivity: MaaltalkNow users benefit from global access, allowing seamless connectivity across devices such as laptops, tablets and phones through eSIM technology.

Maaltalk's success relies on strategic partnerships with leading local carriers around the world, including France Orange, UK Vodafone, US T-Mobile, Japan Softbank, Vietnam Vinaphone and Thailand AIS, providing users with reliable communications. We have secured the range. Powered by 5G technology, MaaltalkNow offers fast download and upload speeds, high-quality video calls, and seamless streaming, revolutionizing travel connectivity. CEO Steve Lee emphasizes the company's mission to simplify travel through cutting-edge connectivity solutions. His MaaltalkNow Mobile app, available on Android and iOS, enhances your international travel experience with innovative connectivity features.

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