LettUs Grow, a supplier of aeroponic technology, has partnered with Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE), a specialist in greenhouse equipment manufacturing, to introduce ultrasonic aeroponics to greenhouse growers in the United States and Canada.

“We are excited to work with IGE to bring our advanced aeroponic technology to producers across North America. This partnership will support producers through meaningful collaboration and improve food security. By working with IGE, we are empowering U.S. and Canadian farmers to innovate and grow their operations. We will be able to take advantage of the latest irrigation technology that we bring to the table,” said Charlie Guy, CEO of LettUs Grow.

Achieve higher yields
Through this partnership, IGE will manufacture LettUs Grow's patented irrigation system, enabling growers to optimize crop production and improve quality with the latest irrigation technology. By combining LettUs Grow's technology with IGE's world-leading manufacturing capabilities, this strategic partnership will deliver higher crop yields with reduced resources for greenhouse growers across the region.

“Our aeroponic rolling bench technology brings the benefits of aeroponics to the North American market in a completely different way than is currently standard in the industry.Unlike existing aeroponic systems, ultrasonic aeroponics Nix is ​​a reliable technology that is installed in a familiar bench format and can be easily integrated into existing or new construction projects. “We can provide critical tools to improve overall facility profitability and unlock new cultivation opportunities across the globe,” said Ben Crowther, CTO, LettUs. growing up.

Appropriate greenhouse technology
With successful completion of crop growth trials both at Wageningen University's Research and Development Greenhouse Facility and, most recently, at the Stockbridge Technology Center in collaboration with CHAP, LettUs Grow's aeroponic technology is a promising solution for hydroponic cultivation of a variety of leafy plants. It has been shown to improve yield and growth rate compared to irrigation methods. greens and herbs. This partnership will increase the accessibility of CEA technology to greenhouse growers in the U.S. and Canada who want to accelerate the growth of crops within their facilities.

“We are pleased to partner with LettUs Grow to bring their ultrasonic aeroponic technology to the commercial greenhouse sector here in the United States and Canada,” said IGE Founder Chris Mayer. “By leveraging LettUs Grow’s ultrasonic aeroponic technology as part of our comprehensive service offering to greenhouse growers across the continent, we are pioneering a new path to sustainable agriculture and improving crop production. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

“Incorporating this sophisticated technology into our products is an important step in our efforts to support the agricultural sector. It will help us manage resources, adapt to climate change, and meet the demands of a growing population. Our collaboration with LettUs Grow will set a new industry standard for efficiency and sustainability in greenhouse agriculture, helping to address important challenges such as increasing productivity to meet the Envision a future where innovation and growth in the agriculture sector is fostered.”

This partnership aims to address the challenges posed by climate change that threaten growth in the agricultural sector and strengthen and support food security across the United States and Canada. The partnership will begin in June 2024 with construction of a U.S.-based reference site where the technology will be showcased as part of the IGE and HydroFarm facility tours following an indoor agtech in Chicago. The technology will then be used to test crops unique to the North American market, as well as traditional crops in demand in international markets. This provides a secondary site based in the region where future collaborators and producers can see the technology first-hand.

Commenting on the partnership, Glenn Behrman, president of CEA Advisors and IGE's manufacturing partner, said, “The benefits of this aeroponic technology lie in the impact it has through reduced maintenance and increased productivity for greenhouse growers. “This is a great new technology.'' “This technology has not yet been adopted in large quantities in the commercial greenhouse market. I'm looking forward to seeing if the time will be shortened.”

As Ben explains, LettUs Grow continually develops and invests in aeroponic expertise and products that embody that knowledge. “We have built a demonstration system of a state-of-the-art aeroponic rolling bench model with innovative cultivation equipment and are very excited to be able to showcase this expertise first-hand.”

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