CHANDLER, Ariz., March 28, 2024 (Globe Newswire) — To meet common customer needs for larger, faster SRAM, Microchip Technology (NASDAQ:MCHP) has been expanded Serial SRAM The product line includes increased density up to 4 Mb and Serial Peripheral Interface/Serial Quad I/O™ Interface (SPI/SQI™) speeds up to 143 MHz. The 2 Mb and 4 Mb devices are designed to provide a low-cost alternative to traditional parallel SRAM products and incorporate an optional battery backup switchover circuit into the SRAM memory to preserve data during power loss. It is.

Unlike parallel RAM, which requires a large package and at least 26 to 35 microcontroller (MCU) I/Os to interface, Microchip serial SRAM devices come in low-cost 8-pin packages and support high-speed SPI/SQI communications. will be used. The bus requires only 4 to 6 MCU I/O pins for easy integration. This reduces the need for more expensive, pin-count MCUs and minimizes the overall board footprint.

To address the most common drawback of serial SRAM (parallel is faster than serial memory), 2 Mb and 4 Mb serial SRAM devices use optional quad SPI (4 bits per clock cycle) to increase bus speeds. Increases capacity to 143 MHz and significantly minimizes speed. Speed ​​difference between solutions.

“Serial SRAM is a popular solution for engineers who need more RAM than is available on an MCU, but want to reduce cost and overall board size,” said Microchip's Memory Products Business Unit. Director Jeff Leasure said. “Microchip's 2 Mb and 4 Mb serial SRAM devices are aimed at replacing expensive parallel SRAM with easy, cost-effective alternatives.”

Small form factor, low power, high performance serial SRAM devices with unlimited endurance and zero write time, allowing continuous data transfer, buffering, data logging, metering, and other mathematical and data-intensive A great option for your application. function. These devices range in density from 64 Kbit up to 4 Mb and support SPI, SDI, and SQI bus modes.Visit to Microchip memory products On this page, learn about the company's complete portfolio of memory devices.

Price and availability
2 Mb and 4 Mb serial SRAM devices are available starting at $1.60 each in quantities of 10,000. For additional information or to purchase, please contact your Microchip sales representative, authorized distributors worldwide, or visit the Microchip Purchasing and Client Services website.

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