Entries for the 2024 RTIH Innovation Award are now open and winners will be announced in November

Entries are now being accepted for the 6th RTIH Innovation Awards.

The award celebrates global innovation in a rapidly changing omnichannel world and will be presented at a glittering ceremony at RIBA's headquarters at 66 Portland Place in central London on Thursday 21 November. The person will be announced.

This year, we are introducing three new categories: AI Innovation, Sustainable Retail Innovation, and Inclusive Technology Innovation.

AI innovation

After a barrage of hype, the retail industry is now seeing many examples of artificial intelligence creating value and efficiency.

This award will highlight AI projects across the omnichannel retail industry that have expanded beyond the proof-of-concept stage and delivered results.

sustainable retail innovation

Traditionally, the biggest problem with sustainable technology solutions has been their relatively high implementation costs, which often means scaling the solutions is not viable.

But incentives, targets and climate commitments, along with rapid iteration of innovative technologies that will reduce costs in a variety of areas, will change that.

This award recognizes a retailer or brand that works with technology suppliers to put sustainability at the core of its values. The winning entries demonstrate how companies have strengthened their green credentials, while also demonstrating the tangible business benefits of sustainable practices.

Comprehensive technology innovation

For 2024, we're launching another category to showcase what's on offer in the inclusive shopping space, a huge untapped retail customer/services market that suppliers and retailers are now seriously addressing. decided to shed light on. Embrace it more fully.

This award recognizes a retailer or brand that leverages innovative technology to put inclusion at the core of its values. The winning entries demonstrate how companies have improved their comprehensive credentials, while also demonstrating the tangible business benefits that come with it.

40% of frontline retail workers feel their technology needs are being ignored, according to new research from Scandit.

Scandit's report, Frontline Retail Revealed: Motivations, Technology Attitudes and Insights, examines store associates' perspectives on factors influencing workplace loyalty, retention, and technology investment, including the potential impact of AI. announced.

A study of 2,000 store associates across seven countries and nine retail subsectors reveals that modern technology is more than a luxury. This is a key driver that influences employee motivation and ultimately the retailer's success.

However, this study revealed a critical gap. His 40% of respondents feel that their employer is not investing in their technology needs, and 20% actively feel that it is not a priority.

“The retail industry has undergone significant changes in recent years as businesses continue to navigate the ramifications of a post-COVID-19 world,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO and co-founder of Scandit. Masu.

“Increasing consumer pressure, demands for operational efficiency, continued workforce shortages, and the emergence of AI are forcing retailers to rethink how they attract, retain, and motivate store associates. I am under pressure to do so.”

“Our research highlights employee concerns and how retailers can optimize their technology investments to increase employee loyalty, automate tedious tasks, and ultimately increase profitability. It has become clear.”

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