At IFAT 2024, Sesotec presents the VARISORT+ FILM film sorter, a modular system based on the proven capabilities of the VARISORT+ device family (rendering: Sesotec GmbH)

Sesotec, one of the leading suppliers of sorting systems, presents the newly developed VARISORT+ FILM film sorting machine, a modular system based on the proven capabilities of the VARISORT+ family of machines. A new feature of VARISORT+ FILM is a specially generated laminar airflow that enables optimal transport of flexible packaging materials and films. The material is stable and can be reliably identified and classified. Another feature is the aerodynamically designed separator housing. This prevents air turbulence that impairs sorting efficiency and ensures efficient sorting.

Sesotec engineers have developed an innovative evaluation method based on artificial intelligence for sorting systems. By using OBJECT-AI, impurities that were previously difficult to identify can be reliably detected from the flow of raw materials and efficiently separated using a blow nozzle. With the help of 'NIR-AI' it becomes possible to accurately distinguish between different polymers.

KRS Recycling Systems will be exhibiting the SPEKTRUM+ glass sorting system at the trade show. The system is equipped with a new CC sensor system that is able to better distinguish between black or dark glass and CSP (ceramic/stone/porcelain) in particular. ). Traditional cullet observation using regular transmitted light illumination has been expanded to include a newly developed special illumination and sensor system (new CC sensor). This means that glass that is particularly impermeable to normal light (or very dark) will no longer be accidentally sorted out along with impurities such as ceramics, stone, and porcelain.

Hall B5, booth 415/514

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