Promote cross-border learning and exchange and encourage students to innovate community projects using the latest technology

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – Media OutReach Newswire – April 16, 2024 – In this era of rapidly evolving technology, it's time for students to apply the latest advances, turn imaginative ideas into reality, and turn the impossible into possible. Learning how is very important. Preface is a technology education company committed to providing cutting-edge, high-quality technology education to students of all ages and is a partner of FTLife Insurance (“FTLife”), UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Center and Rotary Peace Action Group. , has partnered with Cyberport. , Ocean Park, Esperanza, Hong Kong Computer Education Association and other institutions launch “Nomad Awards 2024”, the first large-scale and cross-border technology application competition in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. We encourage students to actively participate. Participate in interactive activities, receive comprehensive technical training, lead seminars, and participate in hands-on project development. Through these experiences, they will have the opportunity to personally participate in innovation projects and learn how to effectively leverage technology to collaborate and build innovative communities towards a sustainable future. .


Nomad Awards welcomes students from Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area to foster cross-border learning and exchange, allowing students to expand their horizons beyond their local context and connect with the world of tomorrow. I'll make it. The competition offers a range of exciting sponsored opportunities, including great prizes worth up to HK$50,000, as well as study abroad programs, internships at top companies, cutting-edge technology products, and a range of other valuable prizes . In addition, participants will receive a certificate of completion for their contribution towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, further recognizing their efforts to make a positive impact.

Students from different educational levels can take part in the Nomad Awards, which span the primary, secondary, university and open group categories. Students from 9 years old to her 24 years old, from 4th grade to university and general groups, can participate. Participants will focus on four key industries: Health and Wellness, Arts and Culture, Retail, and Travel and Hospitality. You are encouraged to use innovative technologies such as programming and artificial intelligence to develop impactful projects that can be applied in a variety of formats. The Nomad Awards will provide participants with over 30 hours of ongoing training, including online assessments, workshops, community tours, and more, to educate participants about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the real-world challenges facing their communities. Let me help you understand it in a practical way. Business today. Experienced mentors will guide participants through concepts of conceptualizing innovative technology solutions, innovative thinking, programming and artificial intelligence applications, product research and development, and presentation skills training.


Prior to this, the organizing organization Preface, title sponsor FTLife, and various supporting organizations held a ceremony to launch the Nomad Awards. Tommy Roe, founder and CEO of Preface, said: “Every child has limitless creativity, and given the right platform they can create work that has far-reaching impact beyond our wildest dreams. “Technology knowledge and skills are becoming increasingly important in the real world.” Students with no programming experience are welcome to participate in the Nomad Awards. The competition offers technology training programs and mentors to help young participants learn and apply coding knowledge, artificial intelligence, and more. Solving skills, analytical abilities, and communication skills. ”

FTLife is proud title sponsor of this competition and sees this initiative as part of 'EDUtainment's' flagship event series known as 'MyFuture'. Dennis Oyong, Chief Strategy Officer at FTLife, said: “Committed to creating value beyond insurance, we provide children with opportunities to challenge themselves and discover their potential. We aim to: We focus on the field of “Health and Wellness”. Students can use their knowledge of technology and programming to promote physical and mental well-being in society. We look forward to combining our industry insights with our students' innovative thinking and exchanging ideas with students in Hong Kong and beyond in the Greater Bay Area. We contribute to society with sustainable shared values. ”

The deadline to register for the Nomad Awards competition is April 21, 2024. We encourage all students from Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area to actively participate and seize this opportunity.

The 1st Greater Bay Area Annual Technology Application Competition “Nomad Awards”

Application deadline: Sunday, April 21, 2024

Eligibility (Hong Kong, Macau, Greater Bay Area students):

Elementary school: 4th to 6th grade / 4th to 6th grade

Secondary School: Form 1 to Form 3 / Years 7 to 9 (Division 1). Form 4 to Form 6 / Years 10 to 13 (Division 2)

University and open groups: 17 to 24 years old

Competition process:

May-June 2024: Nomad 100 Challenge (a community scavenger hunt with quizzes, workshops, and interactive challenges)

July-August 2024: Training and project building

August 25, 2024: Competition Day

Mid-September to November 2024: Apply technology solutions to your community

December 7, 2024: Grand Finale and Exhibition

Prizes and certificates:

Prizes worth up to HK$50,000, sponsored overseas study tours, exclusive dinner meet-and-greets with industry leaders, and internship opportunities (awarded to finalists)

Various technology devices such as smart watches, tablets, laptops, headphones, etc.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Tech Advocate Certificate of Completion (on completion of relevant training)

Registration link and details:

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Organizer: Preface

Title Sponsor: FTLife Insurance

Support group:

UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Center and Rotary Peace Action Group

cyber port

ocean park

Hong Kong Computer Education Association

agent of change

Hong Kong Council of Directly Subsidized Schools


flip edu hong kong

generation hong kong

hong kong rotary club

Yang Oi Tong

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