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Tokyo, March 25, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OKI (Tokyo: 6703) today published issue 242 of the English version of OKI's technical magazine “OKI Technical Review” (*1). The special feature of this issue is “OKI's breakthrough technology for the future.” This article explains the technology for evolving the “edge platform,” which is the main concept of OKI's technology strategy until 2031, which was announced in November 2023.

In this era of uncertainty and unpredictability, social issues are becoming increasingly serious, such as increasingly severe natural disasters caused by climate change, labor shortages due to an aging population, and aging infrastructure. The role of technology is shifting from providing affluence to solving social issues, the nature of technology itself is also changing, and technological evolution is accelerating.

OKI is formulating a technology strategy to capture these changes and continue to create solutions to social issues through medium- to long-term technological innovation. Kurato Maeno, Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, said: “OKI will continue to evolve our core competency of “toughness,'' which is the technology and know-how we have accumulated over many years to create unstoppable, safe, and convenient social infrastructure. Based on this technology strategy, we are proposing an “edge platform” concept that evolves the edge devices used in the production field based on “toughness” and expands the value provided through data connection and integration.

This issue's special feature explains various technologies and research aimed at evolving edge platforms.

The contents of this diary are as follows.


*1: OKI technical review
A technical magazine published twice a year that introduces the OKI Group's technological development results and latest products in an easy-to-understand manner.

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