The 43rd Oroarezzo opens on Saturday, May 11thth, 2024 at the Arezzo Fiere e Congressi Convention Hall. The annual international jewelery event, organized by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), hosts and exhibits the main Italian gold and jewelery producers and associated exhibitors until Tuesday, May 14th.

65 percent of the product range offered at Oroarezzo consists of gold and silver jewellery, semi-finished products and components, as well as precious and semi-precious stones. Technology in the jewelery sector embodies 17 per cent of the offer, cash and carry 13 per cent and visual merchandising and packaging a total of 5 per cent. Italian-made jewelery is a world leader in terms of design integrity, trends, materials and craftsmanship values, while the Arezzo sector exported jewelery worth €3.491 billion in 2023, which is higher than the 2022 figures. This was an increase of 9.4%. The Arezzo region remains Italy's national leader, producing 30.5 percent of Italy's total jewelery exports.

First day in Oroarezzo

After today's opening ceremony, a roundtable discussion will be held entitled “Oroarezzo is the center of Italian manufacturing excellence in the world”.It will be led by Nicola Sardutti, editor-in-chief of Economics. Corriere della SeraParticipants included Mauro Benvenuto, President of the Regional Council of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths of Arezzo, Matteo Masini of the Consumer Goods Department of the Italian Trade Agency, Leonardo Maras, Member of Parliament for Economic and Productive Activities of the Region of Tuscany, and Tuscany Regional Representatives. Including Leonardo Marras. Tiziana Nisini, Vice-Chairman of the 11th Public-Private Employment Commission. Given the brains of industry and economics gathered around this table, it will be interesting to hear how new technologies are shaping Italian jewelry manufacturing and the marketing promotion of Italian jewelry around the world. Sho.

One of the main reasons why Oroarezzo is an influential trade fair for designers, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and the press is that it showcases some of the latest manufacturing techniques. Oroarezzo is where designers and manufacturers meet equipment that helps them further develop their capabilities by producing more technologically advanced jewelry. Additionally, his IEG program of events and conferences for this show promises to engage, inform and benefit participants from all sides of the supply chain. A variety of topics will be considered, including surface treatment techniques for jewelry and fashion accessories, and current and future directions for jewelry store retailing. In addition, Oroarezzo is also a place where significant jewelery design, sustainable jewelery production, packaging and other vital product advances are showcased.

IEG's Matteo Falsula

Matteo Farsula, Global Exhibition Manager, Jewelery & Fashion at IEG, said: “Olo Arezzo is an important day of the calendar year for many in the industry as they look for technologically advanced equipment as gold prices rise.” Maximum To create beauty jewelry, use less gold. ” As Farsula explained in a Zoom interview a few weeks before the event, “It is also true that in Oroarezzo we are able to go deep into certain segments of the supply chain, as we have many large suppliers and designers.” is.”

Equally important, Farsula said: “Oloarezzo is an international reference platform for Italian manufacturing, especially in the field of unbranded or “white label” production. ” “Oloarezzo is also a showcase for designers participating in the 33rd Premiere Design Competition, open to designers under the age of 30.” Premiere is open to students from goldsmith schools in the “Talent” category; Première winners will be matched with an Italian producer who will manufacture their jewelry.

Approximately 400 exhibitors

Farsura manages major international shows such as Vicenzaoro, T. Gold, The Italian Jewelry Summit, Valenza Gem Forum, VO'Clock Privé and VO Vintage, as well as JFTD in Dubai and SIJE in Singapore. “At this year's Oroarezzo he has more than 370 brands exhibiting, which is 5% more than his 2023 exhibition,” Falsula said. “His 87% of the brand is Italian, with more than half coming from Tuscany.”Other Italian regions represented by Oroarezzo include Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont. The rest of his 13% come from the US, UAE, Asia and Eastern Europe. Approximately 400 foreign buyers from 60 countries will be accepted through the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) program. (In 2022 he had buyers from 55 countries.)

Building the future of today's jewelry industry

IEG is committed to supporting training and employment opportunities for current and future sector operators, so “this year we are launching Career Day in Oroarezzo,” Falsula said. “The goal is to connect supply and demand in the industry by matching students with jewelry companies looking for new employees.” As demand for jewelry surges due to COVID-19 , IEG focuses on jewelery trade training and employment support for young workers. “Demand for jewelery manufacturing in Italy has grown exponentially, but the industry needs more talent and goldsmiths to fulfill orders and continue to grow,” said Falsula. I did. This is an enviable problem in some ways, but one that “Oloarezzo, IEG and other players in the Italian jewelery industry are working together to solve,” Falsula said.

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