TJP Labs has filed for patent protection for novel nicotine microparticles that dramatically increase the rate of nicotine release.

The company says the new technology releases nicotine significantly faster than Polacrilex, a resin complex commonly used in nicotine replacement therapy products.

Other characteristics of nicotine microparticles are:

  • Diverse customization of particle size. We realize precise product design from ultra-fine to hundreds of microns.
  • Precisely targeted binding increases the rate of nicotine release and increases effectiveness.
  • A wide range of adaptable core materials increases product versatility and application possibilities.
  • Efficient raw material use allows for nicotine content orders of magnitude higher than Polacrilex.
  • Eco-friendly and versatile composition. The product is optimized for organic and inorganic forms, including biodegradable resins, enabling diverse and innovative applications.
  • Streamlined manufacturing accelerates product development.
  • Seamless Integration: The technology is designed to be easily integrated into nicotine pouch formats and related products.

“This groundbreaking initiative is a powerful demonstration of TJP Labs' commitment to redefining nicotine consumption through innovation,” said David Richmond-Peck, chief relationship officer at TJP Labs, in a statement. “With other innovations in our pipeline, protecting our intellectual property remains integral to our strategy and aligning our innovative efforts with consumers' evolving preferences. ”

TJP Labs expects initial evaluation data for these particles to be available toward the end of the second quarter of 2024.

TJP Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of KIK ASS Products, a full-service contract manufacturer of next-generation products focused on modern oral nicotine.

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