Peerlogic announced new call summarization technology that enables dental front office staff to identify the value and priority of missed calls. Peerlogic's AI examines the entire call to understand what's important and provides a high-impact, information-rich overview so front office staff can more quickly and efficiently tailor calls to patients. You can return it.

peer logic

peer logic

“This technology provides tremendous value to clinics by streamlining existing processes and allowing clinics to take advantage of new opportunities that would have previously been lost due to missed calls. ,” said Scott Dellinger, Peerlogic's senior vice president of product management and design. “A simple list of bullet points allows front office staff to know within seconds who is calling and what action needs to be taken. You can know instantly.”

Front office employees are often extremely busy, with duties such as admitting patients, checking them in and out, arranging appointments, and answering the telephone. Missed calls from new patients can directly lead to lost revenue.

“Peerlogic is the first company in the healthcare industry to apply technology to empower, rather than replace, front office staff,” said Ryan Miller, founder and CEO of Peerlogic. Stated. “Front office employees are on the front lines of customer service and customer satisfaction, so this technology not only streamlines key workflows, but also allows them to do what they do best: serve patients directly. It gives me time to concentrate.”

Peerlogic's AI technology is advancing to make healthcare more personal for patients and make booking easier for both patients and staff. With more data, the accuracy of our products is improving every day.

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About Peerlogic

Since its inception, Peerlogic has been at the forefront of integrating AI into dental practice management. The company's growth is characterized by its pioneering approach to conversational intelligence, a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. As Peerlogic continues to expand, we remain focused on providing innovative solutions that advance the standards of dental care and practice management.

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