PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — From schools to hospitals, parks and stores, new technology has the potential to provide situational awareness to emergency call centers and first responders.

From high schools and middle schools to three elementary schools, Scherer Police Chief Sean Frank says they are always prepared for emergencies.

“The majority of the Scherer Area School District is located in Scherer Township, followed by our chapel. We have several different denominations and we work closely with all denominations in emergency preparedness. ,” Frank said.

That's why he's open to new technology to get information to executives faster.

“Yes, we're very interested in that. I don't know if we've talked to the vendors you're talking about, but we'd love to look at it,” Frank said.

Eagle Eye Networks launched 911 Camera Sharing to give 911 dispatch centers instant access to security cameras in the event of an emergency. Frank said officers already have access to school feeds, but are excited about the new technology.

“The school district has been very proactive. They have camera systems in place and they are sharing their feeds with us. So we can do that from the station now and hopefully in the near future. I wish I could do it on my cell phone as well.”

This new technology is intended to help emergency responders anticipate and prepare for emergencies before they arrive. If cameras from inside a school or church could be transmitted to a 911 call center, dispatchers could tell police what they see and hear before officers burst through the door to confront a suspect.

“They can give first responders more information so they can be better prepared and know exactly what's going to happen,” said Eagle Eye CEO Dean Draco. We will get better results because of that.” network.

Draco said no one in Pittsburgh is using the technology yet, but the company has already integrated camera technology into 17,000 911 call centers across the country.

Schools, churches, and large office buildings can also add this technology feature to their existing cameras.

Draco also said that access to the cameras will only be shared in emergencies, as privacy is a top priority.

Frank said as technology continues to advance, officers will only become better prepared.

“When that happens, it's very stressful. And certainly, it's very good to look forward,” Frank said.

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