A Fishers-based company is using new technology to help America strengthen its position in the minerals market by recycling critical elements from batteries.

ReElement Technologies uses technology developed and perfected over the past 40 years at Purdue University by Professor Linda Wang. ReElement Technologies places used batteries in specially designed resin-filled tubes that can extract rare earth elements that were previously lost during the recycling process.

Dave Sauve, chief marketing officer at Reelement Technologies, said the company is a “midstream refiner” with the long-term goal of decentralizing the rare earth element supply chain, which is currently dominated by China. Ta.

In addition to used materials such as batteries, ReElement Technologies can refine freshly mined ore into commercially viable products. Sauve calls it an “industry game changer.” He also said the material is much-needed and is environmentally safer for the domestic supply chain of critical materials.

Currently, ReElement Technologies sells its services to producers of recycled and ore-based rare earth metals in the United States, but Sauve is looking forward to seeing the technology used on-site by mines and manufacturers overseas. says.

Sauv doesn't expect the U.S. to overtake China in the market, but says new technology will disrupt China's current monopoly in key mineral markets.

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